Bluetooth LE Proximity Profile Overview

Proximity detection is a common use of Bluetooth Low Energy (LE). Windows 8.1 expands on the Bluetooth LE support introduced in Windows 8. This section provides guidelines to create a device implementation of the Proximity Profile that you can use to develop a UWP device app that's compatible with Windows 8.1.

Before you develop this app, you should be familiar with Bluetooth LE functions and the Bluetooth LE Proximity profile specification.

Example Service Declaration

Bluetooth Low Energy introduced a new physical layer that shares the same frequency space as Bluetooth Basic Rate. Low Energy Profiles are organized into what’s called the Generic Attribute Profile (or GATT).

A GATT profile declares one or more services that define a use case or scenario. To develop a compliant service implementation, you must organize characteristics so that they conform to the established schema defined on the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) developer website.

This diagram shows how characteristics are structured inside a typical GATT service.

example gatt service declaration

An example proximity profile is described further in Bluetooth Proximity Profile.