Windows Hardware Dev Center dashboard

The Windows Hardware Dev Center dashboard allows you to submit hardware for certification, and code sign and publish your drivers to Windows Update. You can also now use shipping labels to easily collaborate on driver development with your business partners.

To get started watch our introductory video series to learn more about the new dashboard. See Get started with the Hardware Program for registering and using.

What's new in the Windows Hardware Dev Center dashboard

The Windows Hardware Dev Center dashboard replaces the Hardware Dev Center (Sysdev) for most hardware tasks. The dashboard allows you to create and manage your submissions quickly and easily, with improved experiences for:

  • HCK/HLK device certification submissions
  • Publishing to Windows Update. You can now create shipping labels with promotions (critical and/or dynamic update) directly from the dashboard.
  • Sharing your driver with another company (Resell)
  • Customizing your driver after initial certification (DUA)
  • Managing your users and legal agreements
  • System/Hardware certification submissions

Currently unsupported tasks

You must continue to use Hardware Dev Center (Sysdev) to complete the following tasks:


The dashboard submission REST APIs are no longer be available for use as of November 10th, 2016. APIs for driver submissions are under consideration for a future release.

Transition timeframes

This transition timeframe table contains estimates of when features will be available in the Windows Hardware Dev Center dashboard. Feature specific legal and administration tasks will transition when the feature transitions.

Task Transition timeframe Documentation link (if available)
WLK device certification submissions March 2018
Attestation signing Completed Attestation signing a kernel driver for public release
Hardware certification submissions Completed Hardware certification submissions
UEFI and LSA March 2018
Device metadata March 2018
Bug management Migrated Bug management
Remote debugging (WRD) Retiring
Win32 app certification New landing page coming soon

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