App Certification Submissions

Windows certification can help customers make better purchasing decisions by identifying products that have passed Microsoft-designed tests for compatibility and reliability.

To get your app certified, start by reviewing the Windows 8.1 App Certification Program Requirements. Then develop and test your software by using the the Windows App Certification Kit. Finally, submit it for certification through the dashboard.

Before you can make a submission, your company must purchase a Microsoft Authenticode Certificate from VeriSign or DigiCert and create a dashboard account. For more information, see Get Started.

Submission types

You can submit one of the following on the App Certification page of the dashboard:

Submission type Description

Client app

If you're submitting a client, select Certify a client app, and then follow the instructions.

Server app

If you're submitting a server app, select Certify a server app, and then follow the instructions.

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