Create a new WLK device certification submission

To prepare your hardware for certification, you must create and submit a WQReady.xml file. Submitting this file allows the dashboard to test your device and return a report on its performance. The report includes a detailed list of how the device compares to Windows standards.

To create your file

  1. Test your driver or drivers with the appropriate certification kit on each operating system that you want certification for.

    To download the WLK, see Windows Logo Kit (WLK) for Hardware Download.

  2. Open the Winqual Submission Tool (WST) and click Add.

  3. Browse to the .cpk file (WLK test results) and click Load.

  4. If the device isn't inbox, enter the Driver Package, Driver Locales, and Symbols (optional).

  5. Close the Add DTM Results dialog box.

  6. You can edit the new entry by selecting it and clicking Edit.

  7. After you add all of the entries, create the .cab submission package by clicking Create Package.

  8. If the tool finds an error, the packaging stops and the entry with the errors is highlighted in red. To view the error, click View Errors. Fix errors by clicking Edit and updating the driver or the test result. All errors must be fixed before the package can be created.

  9. The tool generates the WQReady.xml file, which is used for submission.

    WQReady.xml is the default file name, but you can rename it.

To submit your file

  1. Sign in to the Hardware Dev Center dashboard with your Microsoft account, and then click Hardware compatibility.

  2. On the Hardware compatibility page, click Create WLK submission.

  3. On the Hardware logo page, browse to find the WQReady.xml file you want to submit, and then click Next.

  4. On the Product information page, complete the following information:

    Field Description


    Select the appropriate division from the list. (Required)


    The list of operating systems and architectures you've already tested.

    For Windows XP, Windows XP (x64), and Windows 2000, you can also select one or more earlier versions if WST

    determined that your driver is properly decorated for one or more of those operating systems. They aren't certified, but Microsoft signs your driver for the specified operating system at no cost. (Optional)

    Product name

    Enter a name for the product. (Required for all Device and System submissions)

    Marketing name

    Enter a marketing name and part number, if available, and select the locales that you want to submit for certification. (Optional)

    Device metadata category

    Select an icon for your device from a list of default icons based on your device category. This determines which icon appears in Devices and Printers. (Required for device submissions only.) For information about delivering a rich experience with Windows Device Stage, see Device Metadata.

    Distribution to Windows Update

    Enter the earliest date on which you want your drivers to be released. They become available to your users the next day. (Optional)

    Publication into various catalogs

    Confirm that you want an announcement of your product included on the Windows Server Catalog, the Windows Logo'd Product List, and CNET, and enter the date when you want this to happen. (Optional)

The company, category, and subcategory are prepopulated based on information in the **WQReady.xml** file.
  1. On the Confirm page, review the details, and then click Submit.

  2. On the Upload page, browse for the file that you created using the Winqual Submission Tool, and then click Upload.

  3. When the submission completes, you and your administrator receive an email containing the results of the verification.

    Review the results, and, if you choose, make changes to your product and resubmit.

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