Driver failure reporting

The Driver failure report in the Partner Center lets you get data related to the performance and quality of your driver, including crashes and unresponsive events. Where applicable, you can view stack traces for further debugging.

Apply filters

Gives you the ability to organize and filter all data within the report by the following:

  • Submission
  • OS version
  • Market
  • Architecture
  • Flight ring
  • OEM Name
  • OEM Model
  • Device type
  • Driver name

The information in the charts listed below will reflect the period of time selected in the Apply filters section. By default this includes data for all of your package versions, unless you've used Apply filters to choose only one.

Failure hits

The Failure hits chart shows the number of daily crashes and events that customers experienced in the last 30 days. Each type of event that your app experienced is tracked separately, categorized by live kernel event and system crash.

Failure breakdown

You can pivot the failure count by different attributes:

  • driver version
  • OS version
  • flight ring
  • OEM Model
  • Device type
  • Architecture


The Failures chart shows the total number of failures for the selected filters. By default, the report displays failures in descending order of hits. You can reverse this order by toggling the arrow in the Hits column of this chart. Additionally, each failure is shown with its percentage of the total number of failures. To display the Failure details report for a particular failure, select the failure name. The Failure details report includes the number of failure hits over the last month, and a failure log listing a link to the cab download, and several occurrence details:

  • date
  • package version
  • device type
  • device model
  • OS build