Find a hardware submission

All hardware submissions that have been submitted by your organization are displayed on the Drivers page of the hardware dashboard. To find a specific hardware submission, you can search using either:

  • plain text search

  • driver attributes for a keyword search

You can enter any search phrase in the text box. The dashboard returns entries with a word matching the phrase in any of these fields:

  • product ID (private & shared)

  • submission ID

  • product name

  • submission name

  • hardware ID

  • INF name

  • operating System code

For example, the search phrase mydriver returns submissions with the product names mydriver 1, new mydriver and old mydriver 2, mydriver1 and mydriver_new.

You can search for drivers by driver attributes using the keyword search. When you type an at symbol (@) in the search box, the dashboard displays a list of the usable attributes.

Screenshot of the Drivers page in the hardware dashboard, with @ symbol entered into the text box. A list of available attributes shows under @ symbol.

As you enter text after @ symbol, the list narrows to match the criteria. When you click one of the prepopulated values, it appears in the search box in the form (@ParameterName: ""). Do not modify the parameter name or the format, other than to enter a string between the quotation marks (""). Search phrase can be a complete search value or partial one. For example, to search for drivers by operating system codes you could use either:

@OperatingSystemCode:"Windows 10 RS4 Client x64"


@OperatingSystemCode:"Windows 10 RS4"

You can also search by using multiple attributes. Multiple attributes behave as if they are in an AND operator combination. For example, if you search for both product name and submission status (@ProductName:"test" @SubmissionStatus:"Failed") the dashboard returns only those records that match both product name and submission status.

Screenshot of the Drivers page in the hardware dashboard, in which two attributes, @ProductName:"test" and @SubmissionStatus:"Failed", are entered. Results all have "test" in the product name as well as "Failed" in the submission status.

You can use the following driver attributes for keyword searches:

Parameter Type Possible values
ProductID Numeric 17 digit private product ID
SharedProductID Numeric 19 digit shared product ID
ProductName Text
CertificationType Text Attestation, HCK, HLK, WLK
Permission Text Author, Publisher
SubmissionID Numeric 19 digit Submission ID
SubmissionName Text
SubmissionType Text Initial, Derived
SubmissionStatus Text Complete, Failed, NotSet, Processing, Ready
IsExtensionDriver Boolean False, True
IsUniversalDriver Boolean False, True
IsDeclarativeDriver Boolean False, True
INFName Text
HardwareID Text
OperatingSystemCode Text list of OS codes

Search results

Search results displayed on the dashboard list the driver submissions that match the search phrase.


The hardware dashboard creates entities only after the package acceptance is complete. Driver submissions therefore will not appear in search results until after the package acceptance is complete.

In the results, click the Private Product ID to navigate to that driver's overview page. There, you can view information about the driver's submission; updating the submission through the DUA process; and viewing, creating, and editing shipping labels or download signed files.

Important Points

  1. You can use a given parameter only once in a keyword search. For example, searching for (@ProductName:"test" @ProductName:"system") causes an error.

  2. Currently, you cannot search by using the parameters Submission Created Date or Source. They are not available at this time.

  3. By default, search results are sorted by descending order of Submission Created Date. You can click any of the column title fields to change the sorting.

  4. To search for product names or hardware ID, use the full search string. If you need to use a wildcard operator for these fields, avoid special characters (characters that are not letters or numbers).