Manage Legal Agreements


This content only applies to administration tasks for the Sysdev dashboard, which is being replaced by the Windows Hardware Dev Center Dashboard. See Windows Hardware Dev Center Dashboard for current support and transition timelines.

From the Administration page of the dashboard, you have access to your legal agreements so you can review and sign them.

On the Administration page, the Legal Agreements tile provides the following options:

  • View your legal agreements.

  • Access public copies of legal agreements.

The following diagram outlines the process.

view and sign legal agreements

To view your legal agreements

  1. Sign in to the Dashboard from either the Hardware Dev Center or the Windows Dev Center by using a Microsoft account. This account must be an Administrator for your organization in the Dashboard.

  2. On the Dashboard page, click Administration

  3. On the Administration page, in the Your profile tile, click View your legal agreements.

  4. On the Legal agreements page, apply filters for the Device categories, or sort the agreements by name or status to find the agreement you want to view.

  5. To view a file, click the agreement to open a .pdf file.

To sign your legal agreements

  • If the agreement hasn’t yet been signed and you are eligible to sign it, a signature block is displayed beneath the .pdf file. Enter your full name as it appears on the page, and then enter the current date.

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