Percent of machines where the driver install process completes successfully


When a driver fails to install correctly, the targeted component can lose functionality and prevent the user from accessing the component’s features. The user must troubleshoot the issue to regain functionality. A list of PNP error codes is located on Device Manager Problem Codes and on Windows Support.

Measure attributes

Attribute Value
Audience Expanded
Time period 30 day sliding window
Measurement criteria Aggregation of machines
Minimum population 100 machines
Passing criteria >= 95% of machines install the driver successfully
Cohort-enabled Yes
Minimum population per cohort 500 machines
High failure rate target <= 50%
High failure minimum population 10 machines
Measure ID 26387215


  1. The measure aggregates telemetry from a 30-day sliding window into a Percentage of Machines that have Successfully Installed the Driver.
  2. Successful Installs= Count(machines with successful PNP events)
  3. Total Installs= Count(machines that started the driver install process)

Final Calculation

PNP Success Rate= Successful Installs / Total Installs