Register for the Hardware Program

Your organization's administrator must register for the Windows Hardware Dev Center program.


If you need support during this process please open a support ticket here:

  • Select Contact us, Dashboard issue, and then Hardware submissions & signing (all OS version) from the dropdown.
  • Live Chat and Email support hours are 8am-8pm CST Monday-Friday. SLA for an initial response is 24-48 hours for email support.

Before you sign up

Review the following requirements before you start the registration process.

  • If you have an existing organization Dev Center account that you want to use for the Hardware program, sign in with it before you begin registration.

  • You must have an Extended Validation (EV) code signing certificate. Check whether your organization already has a code signing certificate. If your organization already has a certificate, have the certificate available as you will be asked to sign a file. If your organization does not have a certificate, you will need to buy one as part of the registration process.

    For information about code signing certificates and how to get a certificate, see Get a code signing certificate.

  • You will need to sign in with your organization’s Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) Global administrator account. If you don’t know whether your organization has an Azure AD directory, contact your IT department. If your organization doesn’t have an Azure AD directory, you must be able to create one.

  • You must have the authority to sign legal agreements on behalf of your organization.

Registration steps

There are five main steps to the Hardware Program registration.

  1. Get a code signing certificate

    • Ensure you have a code signing certificate

    • If you do not have a certificate, you must buy one and have it available.

  2. Download signtool.exe

  3. Sign and upload the file provided to you within the Sign and upload portion of the registration process.


    The following three steps no longer need to be completed within the same browser session.

    1. Download the provided signable file.
    2. Sign the file with signtool.exe and your code signing certificate.
    3. Upload the signed file. Your organization name and ID number is extracted from the signed file.
  4. Sign in with an Azure AD Global administrator account

    • If your organization already has an Azure AD directory, sign in with a Global administrator account.

    • If your organization does not have an Azure AD directory, you must create one and sign in.

  5. Account details

    • Enter in account details, such as your organization display name and personal contact information.

    • Sign the required hardware developer legal agreements, located in the account settings tab as shown below:

      an image showing the 'agreements' button.

After registration

After your registration is complete, additional administrative tasks are available:

When you are finished with any administrative tasks, you are ready to create your first hardware submission. See Hardware submissions for information and instructions.