Submit a Device Metadata Package (Dashboard help)

After you have created a new device metadata package or replaced an existing package, you can submit the package for validation and subsequent publication.

Submitting a device metadata package

You can use the same method to submit packages for preview or release.

To submit a device metadata package

  1. Sign the metadata package with the SignTool tool.

  2. Sign in to the Dashboard from either the Hardware Dev Center or the Windows Dev Center by using a Microsoft account.

  3. Under Device metadata, click either Create experience (if you want to submit a new experience), or Manage experience (if you want to modify an existing experience).

  4. Browse for and select your new experience, and then click Submit.

For more information, see Create a Device Metadata Experience or Manage Device Metadata Experiences.

During the submission process, the dashboard validates the packages in your experience.

Package validation

During validation, the dashboard performs the following actions for each package:

  • Confirms the file is code-signed.

  • Scans for viruses.

  • Checks the package structure.

  • Validates all .xml files against the appropriate schema.

  • Verifies that all icons are in compliance with the designated Windows operating system.

  • Verifies that all relational fields in the .xml files point to existing resources.

  • Verifies that all required tasks and status elements are included in the DeviceStage packages.

  • Verifies that hardware certification submissions that are bound to a device experience are for the correct device.

  • Writes the date value into the package, and confirms the device experience.

  • Creates and signs .cat files in each directory to indicate validation.

  • Reconstructs the package and renames it as a GUID.

  • Signs the device metadata package.

Submitting a service metadata package

For info about submitting service metadata for a mobile broadband app, see Service metadata package submission.