_BRB_L2CA_ACL_TRANSFER structure (bthddi.h)

The _BRB_L2CA_ACL_TRANSFER structure describes a buffer to read asynchronous data from, or write asynchronous data to a L2CAP channel.


  BRB_HEADER           Hdr;
  BTH_ADDR             BtAddress;
  ULONG                TransferFlags;
  ULONG                BufferSize;
  PVOID                Buffer;
  PMDL                 BufferMDL;
  LONGLONG             Timeout;
  ULONG                RemainingBufferSize;



A BRB_HEADER structure that contains information about the current BRB.


The address of the remote device.


The L2CAP channel handle that was returned by Bluetooth driver stack in response to an earlier BRB_L2CA_OPEN_CHANNEL or BRB_L2CA_OPEN_CHANNEL_RESPONSE request.


A combination of flags that specifies the basic behavior of the interface. Multiple flags can be set at the same time. Valid flag values are described in the following table:

Flag Description
ACL_SHORT_TRANSFER_OK If this bit is set, the read operation can complete before the buffer is full. This can only be set in combination with ACL_TRANSFER_DIRECTION_IN.
ACL_TRANSFER_DIRECTION_IN If this bit is set, data will be received from the remote device. This flag cannot be set in combination with ACL_TRANSFER_DIRECTION_OUT.
ACL_TRANSFER_DIRECTION_OUT If this bit is set, data is to be sent to the remote device. This flag cannot be set in combination with ACL_TRANSFER_DIRECTION_IN.
ACL_TRANSFER_TIMEOUT The read operation should be stopped after the number of milliseconds specified in the Timeout member.


The size, in bytes, of the buffer.


A pointer to the input buffer.


A pointer to the MDL input buffer.


The duration, in milliseconds, before the read action is canceled and any data consumed to this point is lost.


The amount of space, in bytes, left in the buffer after the BRB call.


To read asynchronous data from, or write asynchronous data to a L2CAP channel, profile drivers should build and send a BRB_L2CA_ACL_TRANSFER request.

Each L2CAP connection is bidirectional, and can be read from and written to simultaneously.

If no timeout is specified, BRBs associated with a read request will remain pending until data arrives or until they are canceled. Profile drivers can leave a read request pending in order to accept incoming data from the remote device.

The Bluetooth driver stack provides some buffering of incoming data, so it is not necessary to continuously check whether a read IRP is pending. A profile driver can specify the amount of buffering to provide in the IncomingQueueDepth member associated with a BRB_L2CA_OPEN_CHANNEL request.

If the ACL_TRANSFER_TIMEOUT flag is set in the TransferFlags member and the duration specified in the Timeout member expires, the BRB_L2CA_ACL_TRANSFER request will complete and return an error.


Minimum supported client Versions:_Supported in Windows Vista, and later.
Header bthddi.h (include Bthddi.h)

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