netdma.h header

This header is used by netvista. For more information, see:


Title Description
NetDmaDeregisterProvider The NetDmaDeregisterProvider function deregisters a DMA provider.
NetDmaGetVersion Note  The NetDMA interface is not supported in Windows 8 and later. The NetDmaGetVersion function returns the version of the NetDMA interface that the local computer supports.
NetDmaInterruptDpc The NetDmaInterruptDpc function notifies the NetDMA interface that a DMA transfer deferred procedure call (DPC) has completed on a DMA channel.
NetDmaIsr The NetDmaIsr function notifies the NetDMA interface that a DMA transfer interrupt has occurred on a DMA channel.
NetDmaPnPEventNotify The NetDmaPnPEventNotify function indicates a power state change for a NetDMA provider device.
NetDmaProviderStart The NetDmaProviderStart function notifies the NetDMA interface that all of the DMA channels that are associated with a DMA provider are initialized and ready for DMA transfers.
NetDmaProviderStop The NetDmaProviderStop function notifies the NetDMA interface that all of the DMA channels that are associated with a DMA provider are no longer available for DMA transfers.
NetDmaRegisterProvider The NetDmaRegisterProvider function registers a DMA provider.

Callback functions

Title Description
DMA_ABORT_HANDLER The ProviderAbortDma function cancels any DMA transfers that are associated with a DMA channel.
DMA_APPEND_HANDLER The ProviderAppendDma function appends a linked list of DMA descriptors to the last descriptor on a DMA channel.
DMA_CHANNEL_ALLOCATE_HANDLER The ProviderAllocateDmaChannel function allocates a DMA channel.
DMA_CHANNEL_FREE_HANDLER The ProviderFreeDmaChannel function frees a DMA channel that the ProviderAllocateDmaChannel function previously allocated.
DMA_CHANNELS_CPU_AFFINITY_HANDLER The ProviderSetDmaChannelCpuAffinity function sets the CPU affinities for the DMA channels that are associated with a DMA provider.
DMA_RESET_HANDLER The ProviderResetChannel function resets a DMA channel to the initial state that existed after the DMA channel was allocated.
DMA_RESUME_HANDLER The ProviderResumeDma function resumes the DMA transfers that are currently suspended on a DMA channel.
DMA_START_HANDLER The ProviderStartDma function starts a DMA transfer on the specified DMA channel.
DMA_SUSPEND_HANDLER The ProviderSuspendDma function suspends the DMA transfers that are currently in progress on a DMA channel.


Title Description
NET_DMA_CHANNEL_CPU_AFFINITY The NET_DMA_CHANNEL_CPU_AFFINITY structure specifies the CPU affinity of a DMA channel.
NET_DMA_CHANNEL_PARAMETERS The NET_DMA_CHANNEL_PARAMETERS structure specifies the configuration parameters that a DMA provider driver should use to configure a DMA channel.
NET_DMA_DESCRIPTOR The NET_DMA_DESCRIPTOR structure specifies the DMA transfer information for each entry in a linked list of DMA descriptors.
NET_DMA_PNP_NOTIFICATION The NET_DMA_PNP_NOTIFICATION structure specifies a power management notification in the NetDMA interface.
NET_DMA_PROVIDER_ATTRIBUTES The NET_DMA_PROVIDER_ATTRIBUTES structure specifies the configuration attributes for a NetDMA provider.
NET_DMA_PROVIDER_CHARACTERISTICS The NET_DMA_PROVIDER_CHARACTERISTICS structure specifies the characteristics for a NetDMA provider, including the entry points for the ProviderXxx functions.


Title Description
NET_DMA_PNP_NOTIFICATION_CODE The NET_DMA_PNP_NOTIFICATION_CODE enumeration identifies the type of a NetDMA Plug and Play (PnP) event.