OIEXT structure

The OIEXT structure supplies additional, optional information about a property sheet page option that is described by an OPTITEM structure.


typedef struct _OIEXT {
  WORD      cbSize;
  WORD      Flags;
  HINSTANCE hInstCaller;
  LPTSTR    pHelpFile;
  ULONG_PTR dwReserved[4];



Size, in bytes, of the OIEXT structure.


Can contain the following bit flag:

Flag Description
OIEXTF_ANSI_STRING If set, pHelpFile points to an ANSI string.

If not set, pHelpFile points to a Unicode string.

CPSUI does not check this flag if pHelpFile specifies a resource ID.


Instance handle to a DLL containing string and icon resources belonging to the OPTITEM, OPTTYPE, and OPTPARAM structures associated with the OIEXT structure. If NULL, CPSUI obtains resources from the DLL identified by the hInstCaller member of a COMPROPSHEETUI structure.


Pointer to a NULL-terminated string representing a path to a help file containing help information for the option. This can be a 32-bit pointer to a NULL-terminated string, or it can be a 16-bit string resource identifier with HIWORD set to zero. If NULL, CPSUI uses the help file identified by the pHelpFile member of a COMPROPSHEETUI structure.


Reserved, must be initialized to zero.


Header compstui.h (include Compstui.h)