PFND3D11_1DDI_GETCERTIFICATE callback function

Returns a certificate that the display miniport driver uses for either the cryptographic session certificate or authenticated channel.


PFND3D11_1DDI_GETCERTIFICATE Pfnd3d111DdiGetcertificate;

void Pfnd3d111DdiGetcertificate(
  D3D10DDI_HDEVICE hDevice,
  CONST D3D11_1DDI_CERTIFICATE_INFO *pCertificateInfo,
  UINT CertificateSize,
  BYTE *pCertificate



A handle to the display device (graphics context).


A pointer to a D3D11_1DDI_CERTIFICATE_INFO structure that specifies the cryptographic session certificate or authenticated channel to return.


The size, in bytes, of the buffer that is referenced by the pCertificate parameter.


A pointer to a byte array that receives the driver's certificate chain.

Return Value

This callback function does not return a value.


Based on the data in the D3D11_1DDI_CERTIFICATE_INFO structure, GetCertificate returns the certificate for either the cryptographic session or the authenticated channel. The driver uses this certificate to establish trust and perform key exchange for the session or channel.

Note The size, in bytes, of a driver's certificate chain can be queried by calling GetCertificateSize.


Windows version Windows 8 Windows Server 2012
Target Platform Desktop
Header d3d10umddi.h (include D3d10umddi.h)

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