One or more D3DHAL_DP2TEXTURESTAGESTATE structures are parsed from the command buffer by the D3dDrawPrimitives2 callback when the D3DHAL_DP2COMMAND structure's bCommand member is set to D3DDP2OP_TEXTURESTAGESTATE, and are used to set the appropriate texture stage state.


  WORD  wStage;
  WORD  TSState;
  DWORD dwValue;



Identifies the texture stage where to update the texture state. This member can be an integer in the range 0 through 7, with the highest numbered texture being closest to the frame buffer.


Specifies a D3DTEXTURESTAGESTATETYPE enumerated value that specifies the texture state to be updated. DirectX 9.0 and later applications can use values in the D3DSAMPLERSTATETYPE enumeration to control the characteristics of sampler texture-related render states. In DirectX 8.0 and earlier, these sampler states were included in the D3DTEXTURESTAGESTATETYPE enumeration. The runtime maps user-mode sampler states (D3DSAMP_Xxx) to kernel-mode D3DTSS_Xxx values so that drivers are not required to process user-mode sampler states. For more information about D3DTEXTURESTAGESTATETYPE and D3DSAMPLERSTATETYPE, see the DirectX SDK documentation.


Specifies the value that the driver should update the texture state identified by TSState to.


D3dDrawPrimitives2 should process wStateCount D3DHAL_DP2TEXTURESTAGESTATE structures from the command buffer. The value of wStateCount is specified in the D3DHAL_DP2COMMAND structure.

For each D3DHAL_DP2TEXTURESTAGESTATE structure, D3dDrawPrimitives2 should update the driver's internal texture state associated with the texture at dwStage to reflect the new value based on TSState.

Drivers that do not support multitexturing should implement support for texture stage 0 only.

The following figure shows a portion of a sample command buffer containing a D3DDP2OP_TEXTURESTAGESTATE command and three D3DHAL_DP2TEXTURESTAGESTATE structures. The driver should update stages zero and three of its private texture stage state accordingly.

Figure showing a command buffer with a D3DDP2OP_TEXTURESTAGESTATE command and three D3DHAL_DP2TEXTURESTAGESTATE structures


Header d3dhal.h (include D3dhal.h)

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