D3DKMTInvalidateActiveVidPn function

The D3DKMTInvalidateActiveVidPn function invalidates the active video present network (VidPN) currently in use.

Note   This function is obsolete in Windows 7 and later versions of the Windows operating systems.


NTSTATUS D3DKMTInvalidateActiveVidPn(



Return Value

D3DKMTInvalidateActiveVidPn returns one of the following values:

Return code Description
STATUS_SUCCESS The VidPN currently in use was successfully invalidated.
STATUS_GRAPHICS_INVALID_DISPLAY_ADAPTER No graphics adapter was specified in the hAdapter member of D3DKMT_INVALIDATEACTIVEVIDPN to invalidate the VidPN for.
STATUS_NO_MEMORY D3DKMTInvalidateActiveVidPn could not complete because of insufficient memory.
STATUS_NOT_SUPPORTED The display mode that is requested by the OpenGL installable client driver (ICD) in the buffer pointed to by the pPrivateDriverData member of D3DKMT_INVALIDATEACTIVEVIDPN is not supported by the display miniport driver. This status value will also be returned if this function is called on a computer running Windows 7 and later by a display miniport driver with DXGKDDI_INTERFACE_VERSION >= DXGKDDI_INTERFACE_VERSION_WIN7.
STATUS_DEVICE_REMOVED The graphics adapter was stopped.
STATUS_GRAPHICS_NO_RECOMMENDED_FUNCTIONAL_VIDPN The display miniport driver did not recommend a VidPN to replace the VidPN currently in use.

This function might also return other NTSTATUS values.


When the D3DKMTInvalidateActiveVidPn function is called to invalidate the VidPN currently in use, the current VidPN is replaced with a new VidPN that the display miniport driver recommends. Because the display miniport driver must recommend a new VidPN, the display miniport driver must be able to determine the display mode that the OpenGL ICD requires from the buffer pointed to by the pPrivateDriverData member of D3DKMT_INVALIDATEACTIVEVIDPN.

The OpenGL ICD can call D3DKMTInvalidateActiveVidPn for display modes (for example, clone-view mode) that are not supported by using the more general call to the D3DKMTSetDisplayMode function.


Minimum supported client Available in Windows Vista and later versions of the Windows operating systems for display miniport drivers with version < DXGKDDI_INTERFACE_VERSION_WIN7.
Target Platform Universal
Header d3dkmthk.h (include D3dkmthk.h)
Library Gdi32.lib
DLL Gdi32.dll

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