D3DKMTQueryResourceInfo function

The D3DKMTQueryResourceInfo function retrieves information about a shared resource.


NTSTATUS D3DKMTQueryResourceInfo(



pData [in, out]

A pointer to a D3DKMT_QUERYRESOURCEINFO structure that contains parameters for retrieving information about a shared resource.

Return Value

D3DKMTQueryResourceInfo returns one of the following values:

|Return code|Description| |--- |--- | |STATUS_SUCCESS|Information about a shared resource was successfully retrieved.| |STATUS_DEVICE_REMOVED|The graphics adapter was stopped or the display device was reset.| |STATUS_INVALID_PARAMETER|Parameters were validated and determined to be incorrect.| |STATUS_INTEGER_OVERFLOW|The size of all of the private driver data was too big to return to the OpenGL ICD.|   This function might also return other NTSTATUS values.


The OpenGL ICD typically calls D3DKMTQueryResourceInfo to obtain information about the resource and then uses this information to allocate the appropriate buffers for a call to D3DKMTOpenResource.

For an example of how an OpenGL ICD can use D3DKMTQueryResourceInfo to retrieve information about a shared resource, see the code example in D3DKMTOpenResource.


Minimum supported client Available in Windows Vista and later versions of the Windows operating systems.
Target Platform Universal
Header d3dkmthk.h (include D3dkmthk.h)
Library Gdi32.lib
DLL Gdi32.dll

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