The D3DKMT_QUERYALLOCATIONRESIDENCY structure describes information for retrieving the residency status from a resource or list of allocations.


  D3DKMT_HANDLE                    hDevice;
  D3DKMT_HANDLE                    hResource;
  const D3DKMT_HANDLE              *phAllocationList;
  UINT                             AllocationCount;



[in] A D3DKMT_HANDLE data type that represents a kernel-mode handle to the device that the resource or list of allocations are associated with.


[in] A handle to a resource whose residency is queried. If the OpenGL ICD uses the array that phAllocationList specifies to query for residency, it sets hResource to NULL. If the OpenGL ICD sets hResource to a non-NULL value, it must set the AllocationCount member to zero and phAllocationList to NULL.

If hResource is non-NULL, all of the allocations that belong to the resource are queried, and the result is returned in the first element of the array that pResidencyStatus points to.

If any allocation that belongs to the resource is not resident, the entire resource is considered not resident.

To retrieve detailed residency information about each allocation that belongs to a resource, the allocation must be queried.


[in] An array of D3DKMT_HANDLE data types that represent kernel-mode handles to the allocations. The OpenGL ICD uses these handles to query for residency status.

If the OpenGL ICD sets the handle in the hResource member to a non-NULL value, it must set phAllocationList to NULL.


[in] The number of allocations in the array that phAllocationList specifies. If the OpenGL ICD sets the handle in the hResource member to a non-NULL value, it must set AllocationCount to zero.


[out] A pointer to an array of D3DKMT_ALLOCATIONRESIDENCYSTATUS enumerators. If the hResource member is non-NULL, the array contains a single element and receives one of the enumerators that are listed in the following table to indicate the residency status of the resource. If hResource is NULL, the number of elements in the array is specified by the AllocationCount member, and each element receives one of the following enumerators to indicate the residency status of the corresponding allocation in the phAllocationList array.

Enumerator Meaning
D3DKMT_ALLOCATIONRESIDENCYSTATUS_RESIDENTINGPUMEMORY (1) The resource or allocation resides in GPU memory.
D3DKMT_ALLOCATIONRESIDENCYSTATUS_RESIDENTINSHAREDMEMORY (2) The resource or allocation resides in shared memory.
D3DKMT_ALLOCATIONRESIDENCYSTATUS_NOTRESIDENT (3) The resource or allocation is nonresident.


Minimum supported client Available in Windows Vista and later versions of the Windows operating systems.
Header d3dkmthk.h (include D3dkmthk.h)

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