IDebugControl3::GetWindbgExtensionApis64 method

The GetWindbgExtensionApis64 method returns a structure that facilitates using the WdbgExts API.


HRESULT GetWindbgExtensionApis64(



Receives a WINDBG_EXTENSION_APIS64 structure. This structure contains the functions used by the WdbgExts API. The nSize member of this structure must be set to the size of the structure before it is passed to this method.

Return Value

This method may also return other error values. See Return Values for more details.

Return code Description
The method was successful.
The value of Api->nSize does not equal the size of the structure WINDBG_EXTENSION_APIS64.


If you are including Wdbgexts.h in your extension code, you should call this method during the initialization of the extension DLL (see DebugExtensionInitialize).

Many WdbgExts functions are really macros. To ensure that these macros work correctly, the structure received by the Api parameter should be stored in a global variable named ExtensionApis.

The WINDBG_EXTENSION_APIS64 structure returned by this method serves the same purpose as the one provided to the callback function WinDbgExtensionDllInit (used by WdbgExts extensions).

For a list of the functions provided by the WdbgExts API, see WdbgExts Functions.


Target Platform Desktop
Header dbgeng.h (include Wdbgexts.h, Dbgeng.h, Wdbgexts.h)