engextcpp.h header

This header is used by debugger. For more information, see:

engextcpp.h contains the following programming interfaces:


Title Description
ExtExtension The ExtExtension class is the base class for the C++ class that represents the EngExtCpp extension library.
ExtRemoteData The ExtRemoteData class provides a wrapper around a small section of a target's memory. ExtRemoteData automatically retrieves the memory and provides a number of convenience methods.
ExtRemoteList The ExtRemoteList class provides a wrapper around a singly-linked or doubly-linked list. The class contains methods that can be used to move both forward and backward through the list.
ExtRemoteTyped The ExtRemoteTyped class provides the ability to manipulate typed data on the target.
ExtRemoteTypedList The ExtRemoteTypedList class extends the ExtRemoteList class. The ExtRemoteTypedList class adds type information allowing each item in the list to be represented by an instance of the ExtRemoteTyped class.


Title Description
EXT_COMMAND The EXT_COMMAND macro is used to define an extension command that was declared by using the EXT_COMMAND_METHOD macro.An extension command is defined as follows:
EXT_COMMAND_METHOD The EXT_COMMAND_METHOD macro declares an extension command from inside the definition of the EXT_CLASS class.


Title Description
ExtKnownStruct The ExtKnownStruct structure is used to specify how a target's structure can be formatted for output.