eventdetectoroemadapter.h header

This header is used by audio driver technologies. For more information, see:

  • Audio eventdetectoroemadapter.h contains the following programming interfaces:


Title Description
IEventDetectorOemAdapter The IEventDetectorOemAdapter interface is used for hardware keyword spotters.


Title Description
DETECTIONEVENT Structure to specify uniquely supported detection events available.
DETECTIONEVENTSELECTOR A structure to reference a specific detection event.
EVENTACTION Structure used to provide detail from ParseDetectionResults.
IEventDetectorOemAdapterVtbl IEventDetectorOemAdapterVtbl structure is an artifact created by the IDL. It is reserved for Microsoft use.
SOUNDDETECTOR_PATTERNHEADER The SOUNDDETECTOR_PATTERNHEADER structure specifies the size and the format of the pattern data for the sound detector.


Title Description
EVENTACTIONCONTEXTTYPE Enumeration the types of context associated with an action.
EVENTACTIONSCALE Enumeration defining the quality associated with a specific detection.
EVENTACTIONTYPE Actions to take on a detection.
EVENTFEATURES Event features.