filterpipeline.h header

This header is used by print. For more information, see:

  • Print devices filterpipeline.h contains the following programming interfaces:


Title Description
IFixedDocument The IFixedDocument interface represents a fixed document for an XPS document sequence.
IFixedDocumentSequence The IFixedDocumentSequence interface represents the fixed document sequence for an XPS document.
IFixedPage A filter uses the IFixedPage interface to work with fixed pages in an XPS document.
IInterFilterCommunicator The IInterFilterCommunicator interface is implemented in an object that resides in the PrintFilterPipelineSvc service and is made available to filters through methods in the IPrintPipelineFilter interface.
IPartBase The IPartBase interface is a common base for document part interfaces.
IPartColorProfile The IPartColorProfile interface is the abstraction for an XPS color profile.
IPartDiscardControl The filter pipeline supports the discard control.
IPartFont The IPartFont interface is the abstraction for fonts in a part.
IPartImage The IPartImage interface is the abstraction for images in an XPS document.
IPartPrintTicket The IPartPrintTicket interface is the abstraction for a print ticket in an XPS document.
IPartResourceDictionary The IPartResourceDictionary interface is the abstraction for an XPS resource dictionary.
IPartThumbnail The IPartThumbnail interface is an abstraction for thumbnails in an XPS document.
IPrintClassObjectFactory TheIPrintClassObjectFactory interface creates print filter-related interfaces.
IPrintPipelineFilter The methods in the IPrintPipelineFilter interface are called for initialization and shutdown. A filter must implement these methods.
IPrintPipelineManagerControl The IPrintPipelineManagerControl interface is passed to each filter in the IPrintPipelineFilter::InitializeFilter method.
IPrintPipelineProgressReport A rendering filter uses the IPrintPipelineProgressReport interface to send progress status to a spooler.
IPrintPipelinePropertyBag The IPrintPipelinePropertyBag interface is implemented by the PrintFilterPipelineSvc service and is made available to filters through methods in the IPrintPipelineFilter interface. IprintPipelinePropertyBag inherits from the IUnknown interface.
IPrintReadStream Filters use the IPrintReadStream interface to read data as a raw stream of bytes.
IPrintReadStreamFactory The IPrintReadStreamFactory interface creates a stream reader that a filter can use to access the stream. For example, a filter could use this stream to access the per-user print ticket.
IPrintWriteStream Filters use the IPrintWriteStream interface to write data as a raw stream of bytes.
IPrintWriteStreamFlush Filters use the IPrintWriteStreamFlush interface to explicitly flush data as a raw stream of bytes from a filter. This interface is retrieved through IPrintWriteStream::QueryInterface().
IXpsDocument The IXpsDocument interface represents the root of an XPS document.
IXpsDocumentConsumer A filter uses the IXpsDocumentConsumer interface when it generates XPS content for the pipeline to consume.
IXpsDocumentProvider The IxpsDocumentProvider interface provides interfaces to consume parts of a document.
IXpsPartIterator The IXpsPartIterator interface is an iterator for XPS parts.


Title Description
DrvPopulateFilterServices The DrvPopulateFilterServices function is called by the XPSDrv filter pipeline manager to allow the service provider to instantiate filter service objects in the filter pipeline property bag specified by the pPropertyBag parameter.


Title Description
EXpsCompressionOptions The ExpsCompressionOptions enumeration describes compression options for an XPS part.
EXpsFontOptions The EXpsFontOptions enumeration describes the font options for an XPS part.
EXpsJobConsumption The EXpsJobConsumption enumeration describes job consumption updates.