IFixedPage interface

A filter uses the IFixedPage interface to work with fixed pages in an XPS document.


The IFixedPage interface has these methods.

Method Description
IFixedPage::DeleteResource The DeleteResource method deletes a resource that is associated with the page.
IFixedPage::GetPagePart The GetPagePart method gets the images, thumbnails, fonts, and so on in a page by using the URI.
IFixedPage::GetPrintTicket The GetPrintTicket method gets the print ticket object for the fixed page.
IFixedPage::GetWriteStream The GetWriteStream method retrieves the stream object to write page markup to read . You can use this stream to change page markup.
IFixedPage::GetXpsPartIterator The GetXpsPartIterator method gets an iterator to enumerate all of the parts that are associated with the page.
IFixedPage::SetPagePart The SetPagePart method associates a new part with the page.
IFixedPage::SetPrintTicket The SetPrintTicket method associates a print ticket with the page.


Target Platform Windows
Header filterpipeline.h (include Filterpipeline.h)

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