FwpsInjectionHandleCreate0 function

The FwpsInjectionHandleCreate0 function creates a handle that can be used by packet injection functions to inject packet or stream data into the TCP/IP network stack and by the FwpsQueryPacketInjectionState0 function to query the packet injection state.

Note  FwpsInjectionHandleCreate0 is a specific version of FwpsInjectionHandleCreate. See WFP Version-Independent Names and Targeting Specific Versions of Windows for more information.


NTSTATUS FwpsInjectionHandleCreate0(
  ADDRESS_FAMILY addressFamily,
  UINT32         flags,
  HANDLE         *injectionHandle



The address family for which the injection handle is being created. This can be one of the following address families:


The address family is unspecified.


The IPv4 address family.


The IPv6 address family.

For transport, stream, and forward injections, this parameter is optional and can be set to AF_UNSPEC, which indicates an unspecified address family. This value is defined in Ws2def.h.


A flag value set by a callout driver to indicate the type of data to be injected. This flag can have one or more of the following values:


Packet data will be injected by calling the FwpsInjectForwardAsync0 function.


Network data will be injected by calling either the FwpsInjectNetworkReceiveAsync0 function or the FwpsInjectNetworkSendAsync0 function.


Stream data will be injected by calling the FwpsStreamInjectAsync0 function.


Transport data will be injected by calling either the FwpsInjectTransportReceiveAsync0 function or the FwpsInjectTransportSendAsync0 function.

To create an injection handle to be used by multiple injection functions, combine the injection type bits with bitwise OR operations. If the flag value is set to zero, the resulting injection handle can be used for transport, stream, and forward injections.


A pointer to a variable that receives the handle.

Return Value

The FwpsInjectionHandleCreate0 function returns one of the following NTSTATUS codes.

Return code Description
The injection handle was successfully created.
The TCP/IP network stack is not ready. A callout driver should call the FwpsInjectionHandleCreate0 function again at a later time to create an injection handle.
Other status codes
An error occurred.


A callout driver calls the FwpsInjectionHandleCreate0 function to create a handle that can be used for injecting packet or stream data into the TCP/IP network stack and to query the packet injection state. A callout driver passes the created handle to the packet injection functions and FwpsQueryPacketInjectionState0.

After a callout driver has finished using an injection handle, it must call the FwpsInjectionHandleDestroy0 function to destroy the handle. If pending injections have not yet completed, this function will wait for their completion before returning.

When injections are being made to the network layer and both IPv4 and IPv6 address families are being filtered, the callout driver must create two injection handles by calling the FwpsInjectionHandleCreate0 function twice: one call with addressFamily set to AF_INET, and a second call with addressFamily set to AF_INET6.


Minimum supported client Available starting with Windows Vista.
Target Platform Universal
Header fwpsk.h (include Fwpsk.h)
Library Fwpkclnt.lib

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