mbbcx.h header

mbbcx.h contains the following programming interfaces:


Title Description
MbbAdapterGetSessionId The MbbAdapterGetSessionId method retreives the data session ID represented by the given NETADAPTER object.
MbbAdapterInitialize The MbbAdapterInitialize method initializes a newly created NETADAPTER object for MBBCx.
MbbDeviceInitConfig The MBBDeviceInitConfig method initializes MBBCx device initialization operations when the Plug and Play (PnP) manager reports the existence of a device.
MbbDeviceInitialize The MbbDeviceInitialize method registers the client driver's MBB-specific callback functions.
MbbDeviceReceiveDeviceServiceSessionData Client drivers call the MbbDeviceReceiveServiceSessionData method to pass received device service session data up to an application through the MBBCx framework.
MbbDeviceResponseAvailable A client driver calls the MbbDeviceResponseAvailable method when there is an MBIM control message ready from the device, as the response to a previous MBIM control message sent to the device from the MBBCx framework.
MbbDeviceSendDeviceServiceSessionDataComplete The MbbDeviceSendServiceSessionDataComplete method frees memory previously allocated by MBBCx for device service session data sent to the device.
MbbDeviceSetMbimParameters The client driver calls the MbbDeviceSetMbimParameters method to report its MBIM-specification related parameters.
MbbRequestComplete Client drivers call the MbbRequestComplete method to complete a specified request for sending an MBIM control message to the device.
MbbRequestCompleteWithInformation Client drivers call the MbbRequestCompleteWithInformation method to complete a specified request for receiving an MBIM response message from the device.
MbbRequestGetBuffer The client driver calls the MbbRequestGetBuffer method to get the memory location where an MBIM control message is stored or should be stored.
MbbRequestGetCorrelationId Client drivers can call the MbbRequestGetCorrelationId method to correlate a pair of send and receive requests that exchange MBIM control messages between the MBBCx framework and the client driver.

Callback functions

Title Description
EVT_MBB_DEVICE_CREATE_ADAPTER The EvtMbbDeviceCreateAdapter callback function is implemented by the client driver to create a NETADAPTER object for a data session.
EVT_MBB_DEVICE_RECEIVE_MBIM_FRAGMENT A client driver's EvtMbbDeviceReceiveMbimFragment event callback function provides the response message returned from its device in response to a previous MBIM control message sent from MBBCx. This callback function is the equivalent of the GetEncapsulatedResponse request defined in the MBIM specification.
EVT_MBB_DEVICE_SEND_DEVICE_SERVICE_SESSION_DATA A client driver's EvtMbbDeviceSendServiceSessionData event callback function sends device service session data down to its modem device.
EVT_MBB_DEVICE_SEND_MBIM_FRAGMENT A client driver's EvtMbbDeviceSendMbimFragment event callabck function instructs its device to perform the task specified by the MBIM control message. This callback function is the equivalent of the SendEncapsulatedCommand request defined in the MBIM specification.


Title Description
MBB_DEVICE_CONFIG The MBB_DEVICE_CONFIG structure contains pointers to a client driver's MBBCx-specific callback functions. The client driver must supply an initialized MBB_DEVICE_CONFIG structure as an input parameter to MbbDeviceInitialize.
MBB_DEVICE_MBIM_PARAMETERS The client driver uses the MBB_DEVICE_MBIM_PARAMETERS structure to describe its MBIM specification-related parameters to the MBBCx framework.


Title Description
MBB_MBIM_EXTENDED_VERSION The MBB_MBIM_EXTENDED_VERSION enumeration defines the version of the extended MBIM specification that a client driver and its device support.
MBB_MBIM_VERSION The MBB_MBIM_VERSION enumeration defines the version of the MBIM specification that a client driver and its device support.