NdisFreeToNPagedLookasideList macro

The NdisFreeToNPagedLookasideList function returns an entry to the given lookaside list.


void NdisFreeToNPagedLookasideList(



A pointer to the head of the lookaside list to which the entry will be returned.


A pointer to the entry to be freed.

Return Value



If the lookaside list has not reached the system-determined maximum number of entries, Entry is inserted at the front of the lookaside list. If the list has reached its maximum size, Entry is released to nonpaged pool. That is, NdisFreeToNPagedLookasideList either calls the driver's Free function, specified in the Free parameter if the driver provided one to the NdisInitializeNPagedLookasideList function, or it frees the given entry itself.


Minimum supported client Supported for NDIS 6.0 and NDIS 5.1 drivers (see NdisFreeToNPagedLookasideList (NDIS 5.1)) in Windows Vista. Supported for NDIS 5.1 drivers (see NdisFreeToNPagedLookasideList (NDIS 5.1)) in Windows XP.
Target Platform Desktop
Header ndis.h (include Ndis.h)
DDI compliance rules Irql_Miscellaneous_Function

See Also

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