NdisMConfigMSIXTableEntry function

The NdisMConfigMSIXTableEntry function performs configuration operations for MSI-X table entries for device-assigned MSI-X messages.


NDIS_STATUS NdisMConfigMSIXTableEntry(
  NDIS_HANDLE                  NdisMiniportHandle,



An NDIS miniport adapter handle that NDIS supplied to the MiniportInitializeEx function.


A pointer to a caller-allocated NDIS_MSIX_CONFIG_PARAMETERS structure that defines the requested configuration operation and specifies the parameters that are required for that particular operation.

Return Value

NdisMConfigMSIXTableEntry returns an appropriate failure code from the underlying PCI bus driver or one of the following status values:

Return code Description
The MSI-X table entry was reconfigured successfully.
NdisMConfigMSIXTableEntry failed because one or more members in the NDIS_MSIX_CONFIG_PARAMETERS structure were invalid.


NDIS miniport drivers that support MSI-X call the NdisMConfigMSIXTableEntry function to mask, unmask, or map MSI-X table entries to device-assigned MSI-X messages. Miniport drivers that support RSS use NdisMConfigMSIXTableEntry to change the CPU affinity of MSI-X table entries at run time.

NdisMConfigMSIXTableEntry is a wrapper around the GUID_MSIX_TABLE_CONFIG_INTERFACE query. Miniport drivers can call NdisMConfigMSIXTableEntry after NDIS calls the MiniportInitializeEx function and before the driver returns from the MiniportHaltEx function.

The miniport driver can set the CPU affinity of MSI-X interrupt resources so that the device has at least one MSI-X message for each RSS processor. Note that the PCI bus driver initially maps the n MSI-X table entries (where n is the number of MSI-X table entries that the NIC hadware reported to the bus) to the first n MSI-X messages in modified resources. After NDIS calls MiniportInitializeEx, when the miniport driver changes the target processor of a particular MSI-X table entry, the driver calls NdisMConfigMSIXTableEntry to map that table entry to an MSI-X message that already has the affinity set to the desired processor.

For the NdisMSIXTableConfigSetTableEntry operation, callers of NdisMConfigMSIXTableEntry must run at IRQL <= DISPATCH_LEVEL.

For the NdisMSIXTableConfigMaskTableEntry or NdisMSIXTableConfigUnmaskTableEntry operations, callers of NdisMConfigMSIXTableEntry can be running at any IRQL.


Windows version Supported in NDIS 6.1 and later.
Target Platform Universal
Header ndis.h (include Ndis.h)
Library Ndis.lib
IRQL See Remarks section

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