The NDIS_WWAN_PACKET_SERVICE_STATE structure represents the packet service attachment state of the MB device.


  WWAN_STATUS         uStatus;



The header with type, revision, and size information about the NDIS_WWAN_PACKET_SERVICE_STATE structure. The MB Service sets the header with the values that are shown in the following table when it sends the data structure to the miniport driver for set operations. Miniport drivers must set the header with the same values when they send the data structure to the MB service.

Header submember Value
Revision Windows 10, version 1903 miniport drivers that support 5G set this to NDIS_WWAN_PACKET_SERVICE_STATE_REVISION_2. Miniport drivers that do not support 5G or that are for earlier versions of Windows set this to NDIS_WWAN_PACKET_SERVICE_STATE_REVISION_1.

For more information about these members, see NDIS_OBJECT_HEADER.


A miniport driver must set this to WWAN_STATUS_SUCCESS for unsolicited events (NDIS_STATUS_INDICATION::RequestId = 0).

WWAN_STATUS_SUCCESS is also set for successful execution of set and query requests.

WWAN_STATUS_SUCCESS should be returned by the miniport driver, if the requested state and the current state are same for a set request.

The following table shows the other possible error status codes.

Value Meaning
WWAN_STATUS_PIN_REQUIRED Device requires PIN value input.
WWAN_STATUS_FAILURE Unable to get or set packet service state.
WWAN_STATUS_NOT_INITIALIZED The operation failed because the device is in the process of initializing. Retry the operation after the ready-state of the device changes to WwanReadyStateInitialized.
WWAN_STATUS_SIM_NOT_INSERTED The operation failed because the SIM card was not inserted fully into the device.
WWAN_STATUS_BAD_SIM The operation failed because a bad SIM card was detected.

Miniport drivers can return the error codes (in addition to the above listed) shown in the following table in the event that a packet-attach set request fails.

Value Meaning
WWAN_STATUS_FAILURE Packet-attach or packet-detach has failed. More information is set at uNwError member of WWAN_PACKET_SERVICE structure. For other WWAN_STATUS_XXX errors, uNwError should be set to zero.
WWAN_STATUS_SERVICE_NOT_ACTIVATED The device does not allow setting packet service state because of service activation failure or expired subscription.
WWAN_STATUS_PROVIDER_NOT_VISIBLE Provider is not visible for packet service operations.
WWAN_STATUS_NOT_REGISTERED The device is not in registered state to perform a packet-attach operation.
WWAN_STATUS_NO_DEVICE_SUPPORT SET packet service is not supported by this CDMA-based device.
WWAN_STATUS_RADIO_POWER_OFF Unable to packet-attach because the radio is turned off.
WWAN_STATUS_SIM_NOT_INSERTED A SIM card is not inserted.
WWAN_STATUS_BAD_SIM A bad SIM card is detected.


A formatted WWAN_PACKET_SERVICE object that represents the packet service attachment state of the MB device.


Minimum supported client Available in Windows 7 and later versions of Windows.
Header ndiswwan.h (include Ndiswwan.h)

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