NetDmaGetVersion function

Note  The NetDMA interface is not supported

in Windows 8 and later.


The NetDmaGetVersion function returns the version of the NetDMA interface that the local computer supports.





This function has no parameters.

Return Value

NetDmaGetVersion returns a UINT value that contains the major and minor version numbers as follows:

Return code Description
High 16 bits
The major version number of the NetDMA interface.
Low 16 bits
The minor version of NetDMA interface.


NetDMA provider drivers can call the NetDmaGetVersion function to obtain the version of the NetDMA interface. A NetDMA provider must register as a NetDMA provider with a version equal to or lower than the NetDMA provider interface version that the local computer supports. The NetDMA provider driver specifies the major and minor version of the NetDMA provider in the MajorVersion and MinorVersion members of the NET_DMA_PROVIDER_CHARACTERISTICS structure that it passes to the NetDmaRegisterProvider function.

Note  NetDmaGetVersion is not available in NetDMA version 1.0. To avoid using a function import that might stop the driver from loading, a NetDMA 1.1 or later provider driver must verify the presence of NetDmaGetVersion before it calls NetDmaGetVersion. To call NetDmaGetVersion, first call the NdisGetRoutineAddress function to get the entry point and then, if NetDmaGetVersion is available, call NetDmaGetVersion at the entry point that NdisGetRoutineAddress provided. If the provider driver cannot get the address of NetDmaGetVersion, the supported NetDMA interface must be version 1.0.
NetDMA provider drivers call NetDmaGetVersion at IRQL = PASSIVE_LEVEL.


Minimum supported client Supported for NetDMA 2.0 and NetDMA 1.1 drivers in Windows Server 2008.
Target Platform Universal
Header netdma.h (include Netdma.h)

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