netrequest.h header

This header is used by netvista. For more information, see:


Title Description
NetRequestCompleteWithoutInformation Completes a NETREQUEST and supplies a completion status.
NetRequestGetAdapter The NetRequestGetAdapter method retrieves the NETADAPTER object associated with a NETREQUEST. This method is reserved for system use. Do not call this method from your code.
NetRequestGetId Retrieves the NDIS_OID identifier associated with the specified network request object.
NetRequestGetPortNumber Retrieves the port number for the network request object.
NetRequestGetSwitchId Retrieves the switch identifier for the net request.
NetRequestGetType Retrieves the request type in an OID request.
NetRequestGetVPortId Retrieves the VPortId for the NETREQUEST.
NetRequestMethodComplete Completes a method (OID) request.
NetRequestQueryDataComplete Completes a query data (OID) request.
NetRequestRetrieveInputOutputBuffer Retrieves the input/output buffer associated with a NETREQUEST object.
NetRequestSetBytesNeeded Sets the number of bytes needed to read or write for a control request (OID).
NetRequestSetDataComplete Completes a set data (OID) request.
NetRequestWdmGetNdisOidRequest Retrieves the traditional WDM NDIS_OID_REQUEST structure for the NETREQUEST.