The IOCTL_SERENUM_GET_PORT_NAME request returns the value of the PortName (or Identifier) entry value for the RS-232 port -- see Registry Settings for a Plug and Play Serial Device.

Major Code


Input Buffer


Input Buffer Length


Output Buffer

The AssociatedIrp.SystemBuffer member points to a client-allocated buffer that Serenum uses to output the port name. The port name is a null-terminated Unicode string.

Output Buffer Length

The Parameters.DeviceIoControl.OutputBufferLength member is set to the size in bytes of a client-allocated output buffer.

Status Block

If the request is successful, the Information member is set to the size in bytes of the null-terminated Unicode string that is returned in the client's output buffer.

The Status member is set to one of the following values:


Header ntddser.h (include Ntddser.h)