_BarcodeSymbology Enumeration

This enumeration defines the barcode symbologies.


typedef enum _BarcodeSymbology {
  PosUnknown        ,
  Ean8              ,
  Ean8Add2          ,
  Ean8Add5          ,
  Eanv              ,
  EanvAdd2          ,
  EanvAdd5          ,
  Ean13             ,
  Ean13Add2         ,
  Ean13Add5         ,
  Isbn              ,
  IsbnAdd5          ,
  Ismn              ,
  IsmnAdd2          ,
  IsmnAdd5          ,
  Issn              ,
  IssnAdd2          ,
  IssnAdd5          ,
  Ean99             ,
  Ean99Add2         ,
  Ean99Add5         ,
  Upca              ,
  UpcaAdd2          ,
  UpcaAdd5          ,
  Upce              ,
  UpceAdd2          ,
  UpceAdd5          ,
  UpcCoupon         ,
  TfStd             ,
  TfDis             ,
  TfInt             ,
  TfInd             ,
  TfMat             ,
  TfIata            ,
  Gs1DatabarType1   ,
  Gs1DatabarType2   ,
  Gs1DatabarType3   ,
  Code39            ,
  Code39Ex          ,
  Trioptic39        ,
  Code32            ,
  Pzn               ,
  Code93            ,
  Code93Ex          ,
  Code128           ,
  Gs1128            ,
  Gs1128Coupon      ,
  UccEan128         ,
  Sisac             ,
  Isbt              ,
  Codabar           ,
  Code11            ,
  Msi               ,
  Plessey           ,
  Telepen           ,
  Code16k           ,
  CodablockA        ,
  CodablockF        ,
  Codablock128      ,
  Code49            ,
  Aztec             ,
  DataCode          ,
  DataMatrix        ,
  HanXin            ,
  Maxicode          ,
  MicroPdf417       ,
  MicroQr           ,
  Pdf417            ,
  Qr                ,
  MsTag             ,
  Ccab              ,
  Ccc               ,
  Tlc39             ,
  AusPost           ,
  CanPost           ,
  ChinaPost         ,
  DutchKix          ,
  InfoMail          ,
  ItalianPost25     ,
  ItalianPost39     ,
  JapanPost         ,
  KoreanPost        ,
  SwedenPost        ,
  UkPost            ,
  UsIntelligent     ,
  UsIntelligentPkg  ,
  UsPlanet          ,
  UsPostNet         ,
  Us4StateFics      ,
  OcrA              ,
  OcrB              ,
  Micr              ,
  Gs1DWCode         ,
} BarcodeSymbology;


PosUnknown Unknown symbology.
Ean8 The European Article Number (EAN) 8-digit symbology. Used on very small retail items, most commonly used in Europe and Australia.
Ean8Add2 The EAN 8 with 2-digit supplement symbology.
Ean8Add5 The EAN 8 with 2-digit supplement symbology.
Eanv The EAN Velocity symbology.
EanvAdd2 The EAN Velocity with 2-digit supplement symbology.
EanvAdd5 The EAN Velocity with 5-digit supplement symbology.
Ean13 The EAN 13 symbology most commonly used in Europe and Australia for numbering retail products.
Ean13Add2 The EAN with 2-digit supplement symbology.
Ean13Add5 The EAN with 5-digit supplement symbology.
Isbn The International Standard Book Number (ISBN), also known as Bookland or Bookland EAN, symbology.
IsbnAdd5 The ISBN with 5_digit supplement symbology.
Ismn The International Standard Music Number (ISMN) symbology.
IsmnAdd2 The ISMN with 2_digit supplement symbology.
IsmnAdd5 The ISMN with 5_digit supplement symbology.
Issn The International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) symbology.
IssnAdd2 The ISSN with 2_digit supplement symbology.
IssnAdd5 The ISSN with 5_digit supplement symbology.
Ean99 The EAN99 symbology, a variation of EAN13 with country code 99 used for store coupons.
Ean99Add2 The EAN99 with 2_digit supplement symbology.
Ean99Add5 The EAN99 with 5_digit supplement symbology.
Upca The Universal Product Code (UPC) version A symbology, a 12-digit universal product code used on most retail items sold in the United States of America and Canada.
UpcaAdd2 The UPCA with 2-digit supplemental symbology.
UpcaAdd5 The UPCA with 5-digit supplemental symbology.
Upce The UPC version E symbology, a smaller version of the UPC-A code for use on small products.
UpceAdd2 The UPC-E with 2-digit supplement symbology.
UpceAdd5 The UPC-E with 5-digit supplemental symbology.
UpcCoupon The UPC Coupon with supplemental symbology.
TfStd The Standard 2 of 5 symbology.
TfDis The Discreet 2 of 5 symbology.
TfInt The Interleaved 2 of 5 (ITF) symbology, developed for the use on outer cartons or cases containing a number of identical retail products.
TfInd The Industrial 2 of 5 symbology.
TfMat The 2 of 5 Matrix symbology.
TfIata The 2 of 5 International Air Transportation Association (IATA) symbology.
Gs1DatabarType1 The GS1 Databar Omnidirectional, GS1 Databar Stacked Omnidirectional, GS1 Databar Stacked, or GS1 Databar Truncated symbology.
Gs1DatabarType2 The GS1 DataBar Limited or RSS Limited symbology.
Gs1DatabarType3 The GS1 Databar Expanded, GS1 Databar Expanded Stacked, or RSS Expanded symbology.
Code39 Symbology used worldwide, for instance by the United States Department of Defense and the Health Industry Bar Code Council (also known as Code 3 of 9, LOGMARS, USS Code 39, USS 39, USD-3, and 3 of 9).
Code39Ex The Code 39 Extended symbology. Adds full ASCII support.
Trioptic39 The Trioptic39 symbology is used for Tri-Optic media storage devices.
Code32 The Italian pharmacy code symbology; a variant of Code32.
Pzn The Pharma-Zentral-Nummer symbology.
Code93 The Code93 symbology.
Code93Ex The Code93 extended symbology.
Code128 The Code128 symbology is one of the most commonly used world-wide because of its high capability and reliability.
Gs1128 These symbologies are of the most complex type, and are utilized for internal rather than retail use. They are intended to include both identification and supplementary information within one symbology. The EAN-128 is used to represent Serial Shipping Container Codes (AI=00).
Gs1128Coupon The Gs128Coupon symbology.
UccEan128 Duplicate of GS1 128 (UCC/EAN is the old Name for GS1 128).
Sisac The Serials Industry Systems Advisory Committee (SISAC) symbology.
Isbt The International Society of Blood Transfusion symbology.
Codabar This is an older type of barcode most often seen in libraries, blood banks, photo labs and FedEx air bills.
Code11 This symbology is used for labeling telecommunications equipment.
Msi This symbology was developed by MSI Data Corporation, also known as Modified Plessey. Used to mark retail shelves for inventory control.
Plessey The Plessey symbology, a continuous, arbitrary length barcode symbology for encoding hexadecimal data.
Telepen The Telepen symbology.
Code16k The Code16k symbology.
CodablockA The CodablockA symbology. For more information, see the Association for Automatic Identification and Mobility(AIM) specification(http://www.aimglobal.org/).
CodablockF The CodablockF symbology.
Codablock128 The Codablock128 symbology.
Code49 The Code49 symbology contains between 2 and 8 rows, each separated by a separator bar. Each row contains 16 wordsand a start and stop character. The last row also contains the number of rows in the symbol and the check digit characters.
Aztec The Aztec symbology. For more information, see ISO Spec 24778.
DataCode The DataCode symbology.
DataMatrix This symbology is good for small codes and will store large amounts of data. For more information, see ISO Spec 16022.
HanXin The HanXin symbology. For more information, see the Association for Automatic Identification and Mobility (AIM) specification (http://www.aimglobal.org/).
Maxicode This symbology is used for the United States Postal Service and is fixed length for automatic package sorting.
MicroPdf417 The MicroPdf417 symbology. For more information, see ISO Spec 24728.
MicroQr The MicroQr symbology, a subset of the QR symbology. For more information, see ISO Spec 18004.
Pdf417 The Pdf417 symbology. For more information, see ISO Spec 24728.
Qr The Qr symbology. For more information, see ISO Spec 18004.
MsTag The Microsoft symbology.
Ccab The Composite A / Composite B symbology.
Ccc The Composite C symbology.
Tlc39 The Telecommunications Industry Forum linked symbology.
AusPost The Australian Post symbology.
CanPost The Canadian Postal Service symbology.
ChinaPost The Chinese Postal Service symbology.
DutchKix The Dutch Postal Service symbology.
InfoMail The InfoMail symbology.
ItalianPost25 The Italian Postal Service 2 of 5 symbology.
ItalianPost39 The Italian Postal Service 3 of 9 symbology.
JapanPost The Japanese Postal Service symbology.
KoreanPost The Korean Postal Service symbology.
SwedenPost The Swedish Postal Service symbology.
UkPost The British Post Office symbology. Also known as UK Postal, BPO4, Royal Mail Code.
UsIntelligent The United States Postal Service (USPS) Intelligent Mail symbology.
UsIntelligentPkg The United States Postal Service (USPS) Intelligent Package symbology.
UsPlanet The US Postal Alpha Numeric Encoding Technique, used by the USPS).
UsPostNet The United States Postal Service symbology used to automatically sort mail.
Us4StateFics The US 4-State Flat Identification Code Sort symbology.
OcrA The OCR-A symbology. OCR-A is a widely used font in a variety of industries. The characters appear more block-like than other OCR fonts. The characters are printed in a format that can be read by both machines and humans and can be directly marked on parts. For more information, see the ISO 1073-1 specification.
OcrB The OCR-B symbology is a widely used font in conjunction with UPC/EAN symbology. For more information, see the ISO 1073-1 specification.
Micr The Micr symbology, a font commonly used in high speed document processing applications, such as check processing.
Gs1DWCode The Gs1DWCode symbology, an invisible digital watermark that covers the entire product packaging and can be detected by a special algorithm using an image from a suitable camera lens.
ExtendedBase If greater than or equal to this type, the device has returned an OEM or undefined symbology.


Header pointofservicecommontypes.h (include Pointofservicecommontypes.h)