IPrintOemDriverUI::DrvGetDriverSetting method

The IPrintOemDriverUI::DrvGetDriverSetting method is provided by the Unidrv and Pscript5 minidrivers so that user interface plug-ins can obtain the current status of printer features and other internal information.


HRESULT DrvGetDriverSetting(
  PVOID  pci,
  PCSTR  Feature,
  PVOID  pOutput,
  DWORD  cbSize,
  PDWORD pcbNeeded,
  PDWORD pdwOptionsReturned



Caller-supplied pointer to an OEMUIOBJ structure.


Caller-supplied value identifying the printer feature for which option settings are returned. This can be either a string pointer or a constant, as described in the following Remarks section.


Caller-supplied pointer to a buffer to receive the specified information.


Caller-supplied size, in bytes, of the buffer pointed to by pOutput.


Caller-supplied pointer to a location to receive the minimum buffer size required to contain the requested information.


Caller-supplied pointer to a location to receive the number of option strings placed in pOutput.

Return Value

The method must return one of the following values.

Return code Description
The operation succeeded.
The operation failed.
The method is not implemented.


When calling the IPrintOemDriverUI::DrvGetDriverSetting method, a user interface plug-in can specify either a string pointer or a constant value for pFeatureKeyword.

  • If pFeatureKeyword is a string, it must represent one of the following:
    • A feature name specified in a Unidrv minidriver GPD file, or,
    • A keyword argument to an *OpenUI entry in a Pscript5 minidriver's PPD file.

    The method returns one or more NULL-terminated strings in the buffer pointed to by pOutput. Each string represents the name of a currently selected option.The number of strings is returned in pdwOptionsReturned.

  • If pFeatureKeyword is a constant, it must be one of the OEMGDS_-prefixed constants defined in printoem.h. The method returns the value indicated by the specified constant by placing it in the buffer pointed to by pOutput. The value returned in pdwOptionsReturned is always 1.


Target Platform Desktop
Header prcomoem.h (include Prcomoem.h)