IPrintOemPrintTicketProvider::PublishPrintTicketHelperInterface method

The IPrintOemPrintTicketProvider::PublishPrintTicketHelperInterface method publishes the print ticket helper interface for either Unidrv or Pscript5 user interface (UI) plug-ins.


HRESULT PublishPrintTicketHelperInterface(
  IUnknown *pHelper



A pointer to an IUnknown interface, which should be cast to one of the following interfaces: For Unidrv plug-ins, the print ticket helper interface is IPrintCoreHelperUni; for Pscript5 plug-ins, the print ticket helper interface is IPrintCoreHelperPS.

Return Value

IPrintOemPrintTicketProvider::PublishPrintTicketHelperInterface should return S_OK if the operation succeeds. Otherwise, this method should return a standard COM error code.


If the plug-in maintains a handle to the helper object, the plug-in is responsible for later releasing that handle when it is no longer needed.

If IPrintOemPrintTicketProvider::PublishPrintTicketHelperInterface uses the helper interface, it should cache a pointer to the interface, and increment the reference count (by means of a call to the interface's AddRef method). If this method successfully increments the reference count, it should return S_OK.


Target Platform Desktop
Header prcomoem.h (include Prcomoem.h)