IPrintCoreHelperUni interface

This section describes the methods that are defined for the IPrintCoreHelperUni COM interface.


The IPrintCoreHelperUni interface has these methods.

Method Description
IPrintCoreHelperUni::CreateDefaultGDLSnapshot The IPrintCoreHelperUni::CreateDefaultGDLSnapshot method gets a GDL snapshot based on the driver default configuration.
IPrintCoreHelperUni::CreateGDLSnapshot The IPrintCoreHelperUni::CreateGDLSnapshot method creates a GDL snapshot of the driver configuration file based on the current configuration.
IPrintCoreHelperUni::CreateInstanceOfMSXMLObject The IPrintCoreHelperUni::CreateInstanceOfMSXMLObject method creates an instance of an MSXML object.
IPrintCoreHelperUni::EnumConstrainedOptions The IPrintCoreHelperUni::EnumConstrainedOptions method provides a list of all of the options that are constrained in a particular feature, based on current settings.
IPrintCoreHelperUni::EnumFeatures The IPrintCoreHelperUni::EnumFeatures method gets a list of all available features, including synthesized and core driver-implement features.
IPrintCoreHelperUni::EnumOptions The IPrintCoreHelperUni::EnumOptions method gets a list of available options for the given feature.
IPrintCoreHelperUni::GetFontSubstitution The IPrintCoreHelperUni::GetFontSubstitution method indicates which device font, if any, is used as a substitution font for a specified TrueType font.
IPrintCoreHelperUni::GetOption The IPrintCoreHelperUni::GetOption method gets a specified option for a given feature.
IPrintCoreHelperUni::SetFontSubstitution The IPrintCoreHelperUni::SetFontSubstitution method specifies the device font to print in place of a given TrueType font.
IPrintCoreHelperUni::SetOptions The IPrintCoreHelperUni::SetOptions method sets multiple feature-option pairs at the same time.
IPrintCoreHelperUni::WhyConstrained The IPrintCoreHelperUni::WhyConstrained method provides a list of options that constrain the specified feature-option pair in the current configuration.


Target Platform Windows
Header prcomoem.h