IPrintCorePS2 interface

This section describes the methods defined for the IPrintCorePS2 COM Interface. Method prototypes are defined in prcomoem.h.


The IPrintCorePS2 interface has these methods.

Method Description
IPrintCorePS2::DrvWriteSpoolBuf The IPrintCorePS2::DrvWriteSpoolBuf method is provided by the Pscript5 driver so that a rendering plug-in can send printer data to the spooler.
IPrintCorePS2::EnumFeatures The IPrintCorePS2::EnumFeatures method enumerates a printer's available features.
IPrintCorePS2::EnumOptions The IPrintCorePS2::EnumOptions method enumerates the available options of a specific feature.
IPrintCorePS2::GetFeatureAttribute The IPrintCorePS2::GetFeatureAttribute method retrieves the feature attribute list or the value of a specific feature attribute.
IPrintCorePS2::GetGlobalAttribute The IPrintCorePS2::GetGlobalAttribute method retrieves the global attribute list or the value of a specific global attribute.
IPrintCorePS2::GetOptionAttribute The IPrintCorePS2::GetOptionAttribute method retrieves the option attribute list or the value of a specific option attribute.
IPrintCorePS2::GetOptions The IPrintCorePS2::GetOptions method retrieves the driver's current feature settings in the format of a list of feature/option keyword pairs.


Target Platform Windows
Header prcomoem.h