IPrintOemUni3 interface

This section describes the methods defined for the IPrintOemUni3 COM interface.

The IPrintOemUni3 COM interface includes its own methods as well as those that belong to IPrintOemUni COM interface and the IPrintOemUni2 COM interface.

The IPrintOemUni3 COM interface is available in Windows Vista and later.


The IPrintOemUni3 interface has these methods.

Method Description
IPrintOemUni3::DownloadPattern The IPrintOemUni3::DownloadPattern method downloads a pattern to a printer.
IPrintOemUni3::GetImplementedMethod The IPrintOemUni3::GetImplementedMethod method is used by Unidrv to determine which IPrintOemUni interface methods a rendering plug-in has implemented.
IPrintOemUni3::GetPDEVAdjustment The IPrintOemUni3::GetPDEVAdjustment method enables a plug-in to override specific PDEV settings.
IPrintOemUni3::SetBandSize The IPrintOemUni3::SetBandSize method can be used with Unidrv-supported printers to specify the desired band size on the printed output.


Target Platform Windows
Header prcomoem.h