printerextension.h header

This header is used by print. For more information, see:

  • Print devices printerextension.h contains the following programming interfaces:


Title Description
IPrinterBidiSetRequestCallback Describes the signature of the callback object that receives the Bidi response.
IPrinterExtensionAsyncOperation Provides the context associated with an asynchronous operation.
IPrinterExtensionContext Represents the context for the activation of a UWP device app for printers.
IPrinterExtensionContextCollection Exposes a collection of IPrinterExtensionContext objects.
IPrinterExtensionEvent The IPrinterExtensionEvent interface represents the event delegate implemented by desktop printer extensions for activation.
IPrinterExtensionEventArgs Represents the context for the desktop printer extension activation.
IPrinterExtensionManager The IPrinterExtensionManager interface is retrieved by CoCreating the PrinterExtensionManager class.
IPrinterExtensionRequest Completes the given extension event with either a cancellation or success.
IPrinterPropertyBag Provides strongly-typed get and set methods.
IPrinterQueue Represents a single printer queue.
IPrinterQueue2 Represents a single printer queue.
IPrinterQueueEvent Provides the event delegate for printer queue events.
IPrinterQueueView Provides a way to change the range of print jobs being monitored.
IPrinterQueueViewEvent Provides the signature of the event handler.
IPrinterScriptablePropertyBag The IPrinterScriptablePropertyBag interface is the property bag interface passed to script clients.
IPrinterScriptableSequentialStream The IPrinterScriptableSequentialStream interface is an ISequentialStream-like interface that works in JavaScript. Instead of reading and writing byte arrays, it reads and writes JavaScript arrays of bytes, which are values between 0 and 255.
IPrinterScriptableStream The IPrinterScriptableStream interface builds on IPrinterScriptableSequentialStream and adds IStream-like semantics.
IPrinterScriptContext Passed to all third-party constraints JavaScript functions, and provides access to relevant objects.
IPrintJob Contains properties that represent a print job.
IPrintJobCollection This interfaces provides an enumeration of the jobs in the print queue.
IPrintSchemaAsyncOperation Represents an asynchronous operation context for validation, merge or commit operations.
IPrintSchemaAsyncOperationEvent Exposes a validation, merge, or commit completion event delegate.
IPrintSchemaCapabilities Provides the primary method to access PrintCapabilities.
IPrintSchemaCapabilities2 The IPrintSchemaCapabilities2 interface represents an extension to the IPrintSchemaCapabilities object, which provides wrapper methods over a print capabilities document.
IPrintSchemaDisplayableElement Provides the displayable string for a PrintCapabilites PrintSchema element.
IPrintSchemaElement Provides access to the underlying XML node and "name" attribute information for a Print Schema element.
IPrintSchemaFeature Exposes a Print Schema Feature element.
IPrintSchemaNUpOption Exposes a Print Schema NUp Option element.
IPrintSchemaOption Exposes a Print Schema Option object.
IPrintSchemaOptionCollection Exposes a collection of IPrintSchemaOption objects.
IPrintSchemaPageImageableSize Exposes the PageImageableSize property of PrintCapabilities. The properties of this interface map directly to those in the PageImageableSize property of PrintCapabilities.
IPrintSchemaPageMediaSizeOption Exposes a Print Schema PageMediaSize Option element.
IPrintSchemaParameterDefinition The IPrintSchemaParameterDefinition interface represents a parameter definition, as defined in the Print Schema Specification.
IPrintSchemaParameterInitializer The IPrintSchemaParameterInitializer interface represents a parameter initialization value, as defined in the print schema specification.
IPrintSchemaTicket Provides the primary method to access and validate a PrintTicket.
IPrintSchemaTicket2 The IPrintSchemaTicket2 interface is an extension to the IPrintSchemaTicket interface, which provides wrapper methods over a print ticket document.


Title Description
PrintJobStatus This enumeration is a one-to-one mapping to the spooler flags suppled in the JOB_INFO_X structures.
PrintSchemaConstrainedSetting The PrintSchemaConstrainedSetting enumeration specifies whether the Option is available based on the current device configuration. The constrained attribute appears only in a PrintCapabilities document.
PrintSchemaParameterDataType The PrintSchemaParameterDataType enumeration identifies the allowed data types for the Print Schema parameter.
PrintSchemaSelectionType The PrintSchemaSelectionType enumeration identifies how a Feature’s options should be selected. This property appears only in a PrintCapabilities document.