IPrinterExtensionManager interface

The IPrinterExtensionManager interface is retrieved by CoCreating the PrinterExtensionManager class.


The IPrinterExtensionManager interface has these methods.

Method Description
IPrinterExtensionManager::DisableEvents Disallows events to be generated.
IPrinterExtensionManager::EnableEvents The EnableEvents method allows events to be generated for the specified printer driver until DisableEvents is called.


Any event sink that implements IPrinterExtensionEvent is connected to the associated event source, IPrinterExtensionManager, via the IConnectionPoint mechanism. You must retrieve a pointer to the IConnectionPoint interface by invoking QueryInterface on the IPrinterExtensionManager object.

Note  It is mandatory to implement IDispatch::Invoke on the event sink that implements IPrinterExtensionEvent, since that is the mechanism via which events are raised. It is sufficient to provide stub implementations of the other methods on the IDispatch interface.


Target Platform Windows
Header printerextension.h