IPrintSchemaFeature interface

Exposes a Print Schema Feature element.


The IPrintSchemaFeature interface has these methods.

Method Description
IPrintSchemaFeature::get_DisplayUI Gets the setting that indicates whether or not to show the print UI.
IPrintSchemaFeature::get_SelectedOption Gets an IPrintSchemaOption representing the selected option.
IPrintSchemaFeature::get_SelectionType Gets the selection type of the Feature.
IPrintSchemaFeature::GetOption Gets the option with the given name.
IPrintSchemaFeature::put_SelectedOption Changes the selected option of the Print Schema Feature element to the specified IPrintSchemaOption element.


You must ensure that each Feature or Option in a PrintTicket or PrintCapabilities XML document has a name attribute specified. This attribute is used to build the IPrintSchemaOption and IPrintSchemaFeature objects. If the name attribute is omitted, the feature or option will not be displayed in the object model, or the Microsoft-provided print preferences experience.


Minimum supported client Windows 8
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2012
Target Platform Windows
Header printerextension.h

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