IPrintSchemaTicket interface

Provides the primary method to access and validate a PrintTicket.


The IPrintSchemaTicket interface has these methods.

Method Description
IPrintSchemaTicket::CommitAsync Gets an asynchronous PrintTicket commit operation context.
IPrintSchemaTicket::get_JobCopiesAllDocuments Gets the copy count.
IPrintSchemaTicket::GetCapabilities Gets an IPrintSchemaCapabilities object that represents the printer capabilities based on the current settings of this IPrintSchemaTicket object.
IPrintSchemaTicket::GetFeature Gets a named feature from the PrintTicket, by name and full namespace URI.
IPrintSchemaTicket::GetFeatureByKeyName Gets a feature from the PrintTicket based on the specified key name.
IPrintSchemaTicket::NotifyXmlChanged Notifies the print system that the XML DOM object has changed.
IPrintSchemaTicket::put_JobCopiesAllDocuments Sets the copy count.
IPrintSchemaTicket::ValidateAsync Gets an asynchronous PrintTicket validation operation context.


To obtain an IXMLDOMDocument2 object for the PrintTicket object, you must first dereference the ppXmlNode parameter of the XmlNode property (using *ppXmlNode ). This retrieves a pointer to an interface of type IUnknown. Use this pointer to call the QueryInterface method of the PrintTicket object to access the underlying IXMLDOMDocument2 object.


Windows version Windows 8 Windows Server 2012
Target Platform Windows
Header printerextension.h

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