StorPortSetBusDataByOffset function

The StorPortSetBusDataByOffset routine writes bus-specific configuration information.


STORPORT_API ULONG StorPortSetBusDataByOffset(
  _In_ PVOID DeviceExtension,
  _In_ ULONG BusDataType,
  _In_ ULONG SystemIoBusNumber,
  _In_ ULONG SlotNumber,
  _In_ PVOID Buffer,
  _In_ ULONG Offset,
  _In_ ULONG Length



Pointer to the miniport driver's per-HBA storage area.


Contains a value of type BUS_DATA_TYPE that specifies the type of the bus for which configuration information is to be written. Currently, its value can be PCIConfiguration. However, additional types of standardized, dynamically configurable buses will be supported in future. The upper bound on the bus types supported is always MaximumBusDataType.


Specifies the system-assigned number of the I/O bus on which the HBA is connected. The miniport driver's HwStorFindAdapter routine obtains this value from the input PORT_CONFIGURATION_INFORMATIONSystemIoBusNumber member.


Indicates the logical slot number of the HBA.

When PCIConfiguration is specified as the BusDataType, this parameter must be specified as a PCI_SLOT_NUMBER-type value.


Pointer to a caller-supplied storage area with configuration information specific to BusDataType.

When PCIConfiguration is specified, the buffer contains some or all of the PCI_COMMON_CONFIG information for the given SlotNumber. The specified Offset and Length determine how much information is supplied.


Specifies the byte offset within the PCI_COMMON_CONFIG structure at which the caller-supplied configuration values begin. A miniport driver can use PCI_COMMON_HDR_LENGTH to specify the offset of the device-specific area in PCI_COMMON_CONFIG.


Indicates the length, in bytes, of the maximum amount of data to return.

Return Value

StorPortSetBusDataByOffset returns the number of bytes of configuration data written.


Windows Driver kit version
Target platform Universal
Minimum KMDF version
Minimum UMDF version
Header storport.h (include Storport.h)
DDI compliance rules

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