VideoPortDisableInterrupt function

The VideoPortDisableInterrupt function is obsolete and should not be called.

The VideoPortDisableInterrupt function disables interrupts from a video adapter. As a result, interrupts coming from the device are ignored by the operating system and are not forwarded to the driver.


VIDEOPORT_API VP_STATUS VideoPortDisableInterrupt(
  PVOID HwDeviceExtension



Pointer to the miniport driver's device extension.

Return Value

If VideoPortDisableInterrupt succeeds, it returns NO_ERROR. Otherwise, it returns ERROR_INVALID_FUNCTION.


If you need to disable interrupts for the display adapter, write hardware-specific code to prevent the display adapter from generating interrupts. To subsequently enable interrupts, write hardware-specific code to allow the display adapter to resume generating interrupts.

You should not call VideoPortDisableInterrupt or VideoPortEnableInterrupt for the following reasons:

  • Can disable interrupts for other devices that share an interrupt vector with the display adapter.
  • Disables interrupts only on the processor where the current thread is running. On a multiprocessor computer, the display adapter can still interrupt another processor.
  • On a multiprocessor computer, a call to VideoPortEnableInterrupt might run on a different processor than the previous corresponding call to VideoPortDisableInterrupt. In that case, interrupts will remain disabled for the processor on which VideoPortDisableInterrupt ran.
If the video miniport driver has not registered an HwVidInterrupt routine for the display adapter, VideoPortDisableInterrupt returns ERROR_INVALID_FUNCTION.


Minimum supported client Available in Windows 2000 and later versions of the Windows operating systems.
Target Platform Desktop
Header video.h (include Video.h)
Library Videoprt.lib
DLL Videoprt.sys
IRQL Any level

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