VideoPortRegisterBugcheckCallback function

The VideoPortRegisterBugcheckCallback function allows a video miniport driver to register for, or hook, a callback that is invoked when a specified bug check occurs.


VIDEOPORT_API VP_STATUS VideoPortRegisterBugcheckCallback(
  IN PVOID                    HwDeviceExtension,
  IN ULONG                    BugcheckCode,
  IN ULONG                    BugcheckDataSize



Pointer to the miniport driver's device extension.


Indicates the bug check code for which to be called back. Currently, the miniport driver can register only for bug check code 0xEA.


Pointer to the miniport driver's HwVidBugcheckCallback function. This function must be nonpaged, and must not reference pageable code or data. The miniport driver can set this parameter to NULL to indicate that the bug check callback should be unhooked.


Indicates the sum of BUGCHECK_DATA_SIZE_RESERVED and the number of bytes of data the miniport driver will provide for inclusion in the dump file. The value of this parameter must be less than or equal to 4000. The miniport driver can set this parameter to zero to indicate that the bug check callback should be unhooked.

Return Value

VideoPortRegisterBugcheckCallback returns NO_ERROR if it succeeds. Otherwise, it returns a status code indicating the nature of the failure.


If you are developing a video miniport driver intended to run on Windows XP or an earlier NT-base operating system, you can use the VideoPortGetProcAddress callback routine to find the address of the VideoPortRegisterBugcheckCallback function. For details, see Using VideoPortGetProcAddress.

A miniport driver can register for a callback when a specific type of bug check occurs. Currently, only bug check code 0xEA can be hooked. When the bug check occurs, the minidriver-supplied callback function is called and the miniport driver can append data to the dump file. This is useful for collecting statistical data when direct debugging is not possible.

The value of the BugcheckDataSize parameter must be BUGCHECK_DATA_SIZE_RESERVED bytes larger than the data provided by the miniport driver. For example, suppose the miniport driver provides DUMP_SIZE bytes of data to be written to the dump file. Then the value of BugcheckDataSize should be DUMP_SIZE + BUGCHECK_DATA_SIZE_RESERVED, and that total value must be less than or equal to 4000.

The constant BUGCHECK_DATA_SIZE_RESERVED (defined in video.h) is available in Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and later build environments. In the Windows XP SP1 build environment, use 48 instead of BUGCHECK_DATA_SIZE_RESERVED.

The miniport driver can unregister a previously-registered callback by calling this function, specifying NULL for the Callback parameter, or zero for the DataSize parameter.

For more information, see Video Port Driver Support for Bug Check Callbacks.


Windows version Available in Windows XP SP1 and later versions of the Windows operating systems.
Target Platform Desktop
Header video.h (include Video.h)
Library Videoprt.lib
DLL Videoprt.sys

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