PAGP_COMMIT_PHYSICAL callback function

The AgpCommitPhysical function maps system (physical) memory to the specified range of AGP-decodable physical addresses.



BOOLEAN PagpCommitPhysical(
  IN PVOID HwDeviceExtension,
  IN PVOID PhysicalReserveContext,
  IN ULONG Pages,
  IN ULONG Offset



Pointer to the device extension of the miniport driver.


Identifies a reserved physical address range. The context handle is obtained from AgpReservePhysical.


Specifies the number of pages of system memory to commit.


Specifies the page offset at which to commit the pages. The offset is applied to the reserved physical address range associated with PhysicalReserveContext.

Return Value

AgpCommitPhysical returns TRUE if the mapping was successful, and FALSE otherwise.


A video miniport driver must first reserve physical addresses by calling AgpReservePhysical before it calls this function.

Do not call AgpCommitPhysical to commit addresses that have already been committed. If the range of pages that is specified by PhysicalReserveContext, Pages, and Offset includes any pages that were previously committed, AgpCommitPhysical might fail.

Video miniport drivers that run on Microsoft Windows 2000 should always reserve and commit a physical range whose size is a multiple of 64 kilobytes. Reserving or committing a physical range that is not a multiple of 64 kilobytes can result in AgpReserveVirtual or AgpCommitVirtual returning an invalid virtual address.

On Windows XP and later, AgpCommitPhysical automatically expands the committed range so that it is a multiple of 64 kilobytes.

When a video miniport driver calls AgpCommitPhysical, a portion of the physical address range identified by PhysicalReserveContext is mapped to locked pages of physical memory. The mapped portion begins Offset pages into the range identified by PhysicalReserveContext. The video miniport driver can access committed physical memory as if it were contiguous.


Minimum supported client Available in Windows 2000 and later versions of the Windows operating systems.
Target Platform Desktop
Header videoagp.h (include Video.h)

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