[Applies to KMDF and UMDF]

The WDF_POWER_DEVICE_STATE enumeration identifies the device power states that a device might support.


typedef enum _WDF_POWER_DEVICE_STATE { 
  WdfPowerDeviceInvalid                = 0,
  WdfPowerDeviceD0                     = 1,
  WdfPowerDeviceD1                     = 2,
  WdfPowerDeviceD2                     = 3,
  WdfPowerDeviceD3                     = 4,
  WdfPowerDeviceD3Final                = 5,
  WdfPowerDevicePrepareForHibernation  = 6,
  WdfPowerDeviceMaximum                = 7


WdfPowerDeviceD0 The D0 device power state.
WdfPowerDeviceD1 The D1 device power state.
WdfPowerDeviceD2 The D2 device power state.
WdfPowerDeviceD3 The D3 device power state.
WdfPowerDeviceD3Final Represents the final time that the device enters the D3 device power state. Typically, this enumerator means that the system is being turned off, the device is about to be removed, or a resource rebalance is in progress. The device might have been already removed.
WdfPowerDeviceInvalid The device power state is invalid or unknown.
WdfPowerDeviceMaximum The maximum enumerator value for this enumeration.
WdfPowerDevicePrepareForHibernation The device supports hibernation files, and the system is ready to hibernate by entering system state S4. The driver must not turn off the device. For more information, see Supporting Special Files.


Minimum KMDF version 1.0
Minimum UMDF version 2.0
Header wdfdevice.h (include Wdf.h)

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