wdftimer.h header

This header is used by wdf. For more information, see:

wdftimer.h contains the following programming interfaces:


Title Description
WDF_TIMER_CONFIG_INIT The WDF_TIMER_CONFIG_INIT function initializes a WDF_TIMER_CONFIG structure for a timer that will use a single due time.
WDF_TIMER_CONFIG_INIT_PERIODIC The WDF_TIMER_CONFIG_INIT_PERIODIC function initializes a WDF_TIMER_CONFIG structure for a periodic timer.
WdfTimerCreate The WdfTimerCreate method creates a framework timer object.
WdfTimerGetParentObject The WdfTimerGetParentObject method returns a handle to the parent object of a specified framework timer object.
WdfTimerStart The WdfTimerStart method starts a timer's clock.
WdfTimerStop The WdfTimerStop method stops a timer's clock.

Callback functions

Title Description
EVT_WDF_TIMER The EvtTimerFunc event callback function is called when a specified time period has elapsed.


Title Description
_WDF_TIMER_CONFIG The WDF_TIMER_CONFIG structure contains configuration information for a framework timer object.