wditypes.h header

This header is used by netvista. For more information, see:


Title Description
WDI_CHANNEL_MAPPING_ENTRY The WDI_CHANNEL_MAPPING_ENTRY structure defines a channel mapping entry.
WDI_DATA_RATE_ENTRY The WDI_DATA_RATE_ENTRY structure defines a data rate entry.
WDI_TYPE_MIC The WDI_TYPE_MIC structure defines the MIC (802.11r).
WDI_TYPE_NONCE The WDI_TYPE_NONCE structure defines the SNonce or ANonce (802.11r).
WDI_TYPE_PMK_NAME The WDI_TYPE_PMK_NAME structure defines the PMKR0Name or PMKR1Name (802.11r).


Title Description
WDI_ACTION_FRAME_CATEGORY The WDI_ACTION_FRAME_CATEGORY enumeration defines the action frame categories.
WDI_ANQP_QUERY_STATUS The WDI_ANQP_QUERY_STATUS enumeration defines the Access Network Query Protocol (ANQP) query status values.
WDI_ASSOC_STATUS The WDI_ASSOC_STATUS enumeration defines the association status values.
WDI_AUTH_ALGORITHM The WDI_AUTH_ALGORITHM enumeration defines the authentication algorithm values.
WDI_BLUETOOTH_COEXISTENCE_SUPPORT The WDI_BLUETOOTH_COEXISTENCE_SUPPORT enumeration defines Bluetooth coexistence support values.
WDI_BSS_SELECTION_FLAGS The WDI_BSS_SELECTION_FLAGS enumeration defines flags for BSS selection.
WDI_CAN_SUSTAIN_AP_REASON The WDI_CAN_SUSTAIN_AP_REASON enumeration defines the reasons the port is ready to receive a OID_WDI_TASK_START_AP request.
WDI_CIPHER_ALGORITHM The WDI_CIPHER_ALGORITHM enumeration defines the cipher algorithm values.
WDI_CIPHER_KEY_DIRECTION The WDI_CIPHER_KEY_DIRECTION enumeration defines the traffic directions decrypted by a cipher key.
WDI_CIPHER_KEY_TYPE The WDI_CIPHER_KEY_TYPE enumeration defines the cipher key types.
WDI_CONNECTION_QUALITY_HINT The WDI_CONNECTION_QUALITY_HINT enumeration defines the Wi-Fi connection quality hints.
WDI_DATA_RATE_FLAGS The WDI_DATA_RATE_FLAGS enumeration defines the data rate flags.
WDI_DS_INFO The WDI_DS_INFO enumeration defines values that specify whether the port is connected to the same DS that it was previously associated to.
WDI_ENCAPSULATION_TYPE The WDI_ENCAPSULATION_TYPE enumeration defines the Wi-Fi encapsulation types.
WDI_EXEMPTION_PACKET_TYPE The WDI_EXEMPTION_PACKET_TYPE enumeration defines the types of packet exemptions.
WDI_FIPS_MODE The WDI_FIPS_MODE enumeration defines values that specify if FIPS mode is enabled or not.
WDI_FTM_RESPONSE_STATUS The WDI_FTM_RESPONSE_STATUS defines the response status for a Fine Timing Measurement (FTM) request.
WDI_IHV_TASK_PRIORITY The WDI_IHV_TASK_PRIORITY enumeration defines IHV task priorities.
WDI_LCI_REPORT_STATUS The WDI_LCI_REPORT_STATUS enumeration defines the response status for an LCI report, if the report were requested in a Fine Timing Measurement (FTM) request.
WDI_OS_POWER_MANAGEMENT_FLAGS The WDI_OS_POWER_MANAGEMENT_FLAGS enumeration defines supported enablement scenarios of the NIC Auto Power Saver (NAPS) OS power management feature.
WDI_P2P_ACTION_FRAME_TYPE The WDI_P2P_ACTION_FRAME_TYPE enumeration defines the Wi-Fi Direct action frame types.
WDI_P2P_CHANNEL_INDICATE_REASON The WDI_P2P_CHANNEL_INDICATE_REASON enumeration defines Wi-Fi Direct channel indication reason values.
WDI_P2P_DISCOVER_TYPE The WDI_P2P_DISCOVER_TYPE enumeration defines the Wi-Fi Direct discovery types.
WDI_P2P_GO_INTERNAL_RESET_POLICY The WDI_P2P_GO_INTERNAL_RESET_POLICY enumeration defines the Wi-Fi Direct Group Owner internal reset policies.
WDI_P2P_LISTEN_STATE The WDI_P2P_LISTEN_STATE enumeration defines the Wi-Fi Direct listen states.
WDI_P2P_SCAN_TYPE The WDI_P2P_SCAN_TYPE enumeration defines the Wi-Fi Direct scan types.
WDI_P2P_SERVICE_DISCOVERY_TYPE The WDI_P2P_SERVICE_DISCOVERY_TYPE enumeration defines the types of service discovery.
WDI_PACKET_FILTER_TYPE The WDI_PACKET_FILTER_TYPE enumeration defines the packet filter types.
WDI_PHY_TYPE The WDI_PHY_TYPE enumeration defines the PHY types.
WDI_POWER_MODE_REASON_CODE The WDI_POWER_MODE_REASON_CODE enumeration defines the reasons for entering the Power Save state.
WDI_POWER_SAVE_LEVEL The WDI_POWER_SAVE_LEVEL enumeration defines the power save levels.
WDI_QOS_PROTOCOL The WDI_QOS_PROTOCOL enumeration defines Wi-Fi QOS protocols.
WDI_RADIO_MEASUREMENT_ACTION The WDI_RADIO_MEASUREMENT_ACTION enumeration defines the radio measurement actions.
WDI_ROAM_TRIGGER The WDI_ROAM_TRIGGER enumeration defines roam triggers.
WDI_SAE_INDICATION_TYPE The WDI_SAE_INDICATION_TYPE enumeration defines the type of information needed to continue SAE authentication with the BSSID, or notification that authentication cannot continue.
WDI_SAE_REQUEST_TYPE The WDI_SAE_REQUEST_TYPE enumeration defines the type of Simultaneous Authentication of Equals (SAE) request frame to send to the BSSID.
WDI_SAE_STATUS The WDI_SAE_STATUS enumeration defines SAE authentication failure error status codes.
WDI_SCAN_TRIGGER The WDI_SCAN_TRIGGER enumeration defines the scan trigger values.
WDI_SCAN_TYPE The WDI_SCAN_TYPE enumeration defines the scan types.
WDI_STOP_AP_REASON The WDI_STOP_AP_REASON enumeration defines the reasons an adapter cannot sustain 802.11 Access Point (AP) functionality on any of the PHYs.
WDI_WNM_ACTION The WDI_WNM_ACTION enumeration defines the message type for 802.11v BSS Transition Management action frames.
WDI_WPS_CONFIGURATION_METHOD The WDI_WPS_CONFIGURATION_METHOD enumeration defines WPS configuration methods.