ExInterlockedFlushSList macro

The ExInterlockedFlushSList routine atomically removes all entries from a sequenced singly linked list.


void ExInterlockedFlushSList(



Return Value

If there were entries on the specified list, ExInterlockedFlushSList returns a pointer to the first SLIST_ENTRY structure that was entry on the list; otherwise, it returns NULL.


ExInterlockedFlushSList does not delete the SLIST_ENTRY structures that made up the list; it only sets the internal pointer of ListHead to the beginning of the list to NULL. The driver must free the entries explicitly.

The routine returns a pointer to the first SLIST_ENTRY structure that was on the list. The driver can use this pointer to iterate through the entries.

For more information about using this routine to implement a sequenced singly linked list, see Singly and Doubly Linked Lists.

Callers of ExInterlockedFlushSList can be running at any IRQL. The storage for the ListHead parameter and the list entries must be resident at all IRQLs.


Minimum supported client Available starting with Windows 2000.
Target Platform Universal
Header wdm.h (include Wdm.h, Ntddk.h, Ntifs.h)
Library NtosKrnl.lib
DLL NtosKrnl.exe
IRQL Any level (see Remarks section)

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