IWiaMiniDrv interface

The IWiaMiniDrv interface provides the methods that are the entry points for all communication between the minidriver and the WIA service. These methods allow the WIA service to control the device.

A WIA minidriver writer must implement each method in this interface, although the implementations are not required to do anything more than return E_NOTIMPL (for IWiaMiniDrv::drvAnalyzeItem and IWiaMiniDrv::drvGetDeviceErrorStr) or S_OK (for the other methods in this interface).


The IWiaMiniDrv interface has these methods.

Method Description
IWiaMiniDrv::drvAcquireItemData The IWiaMiniDrv::drvAcquireItemData method is called by the WIA service to transfer data from the device to an application.
IWiaMiniDrv::drvAnalyzeItem The IWiaMiniDrv::drvAnalyzeItem method inspects an item, and creates subitems, if necessary.
IWiaMiniDrv::drvDeleteItem The IWiaMiniDrv::drvDeleteItem method deletes the current driver item.
IWiaMiniDrv::drvDeviceCommand The IWiaMiniDrv::drvDeviceCommand method issues a command to a WIA device.
IWiaMiniDrv::drvFreeDrvItemContext The IWiaMiniDrv::drvFreeDrvItemContext method frees a device-specific context.
IWiaMiniDrv::drvGetCapabilities The IWiaMiniDrv::drvGetCapabilities method returns an array of events and commands that a device supports.
IWiaMiniDrv::drvGetDeviceErrorStr The IWiaMiniDrv::drvGetDeviceErrorStr method maps an error code to a Unicode string that describes the error.
IWiaMiniDrv::drvGetWiaFormatInfo The IWiaMiniDrv::drvGetWiaFormatInfo method finds the image formats and media types that the WIA hardware device supports.
IWiaMiniDrv::drvInitializeWia The IWiaMiniDrv::drvInitializeWia method initializes the minidriver and builds the driver item tree representing the device.
IWiaMiniDrv::drvInitItemProperties The IWiaMiniDrv::drvInitItemProperties method initializes WIA driver item properties for each item in an application item tree.
IWiaMiniDrv::drvLockWiaDevice The IWiaMiniDrv::drvLockWiaDevice method locks the WIA hardware device so that only the current minidriver can access it.
IWiaMiniDrv::drvNotifyPnpEvent The IWiaMiniDrv::drvNotifyPnpEvent method responds to the event received from the WIA service.
IWiaMiniDrv::drvReadItemProperties The IWiaMiniDrv::drvReadItemProperties method reads the driver item properties that need to be updated.
IWiaMiniDrv::drvUnInitializeWia The IWiaMiniDrv::drvUnInitializeWia method releases resources held by the minidriver.
IWiaMiniDrv::drvUnLockWiaDevice The IWiaMiniDrv::drvUnLockWiaDevice method unlocks the WIA hardware device so that any minidriver can access it.
IWiaMiniDrv::drvValidateItemProperties The IWiaMiniDrv::drvValidateItemProperties method validates an item's properties against the set of valid values for each property and will update those properties if necessary.
IWiaMiniDrv::drvWriteItemProperties The IWiaMiniDrv::drvWriteItemProperties method writes driver item properties to a WIA hardware device.


Target Platform Windows
Header wiamindr_lh.h